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WD40 Big 5+1 @ Babba's Lodge


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I'm going to be there, hope the route is the old longer one and not the short one from last time

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Did the '70 km' this morning, my first Babbas event, very much enjoyed it.


Is it just my Garmin or did anyone else clock the 70 km route as about 64 km ?




P.S. Results will be here : http://www.spectrumsport.co.za/

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Was fun doing the short one again. Have not done that in a while.


Still can't understand how peeps can stand at the front of a race then get off there bikes like a bunch of roadies (:D) at the first, small patch of water. Sheeeeeeez! C'mon!!!


By the time I went round the lefthand bend on the tar, the first guys have gone into the reserve already! (What neutral zone I ask????) Still got third though...But got pipped by the wife who took first in a fast 1:27!!! (2 and a half years ago her time at Babbas was 2:01...)

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I see the little technical and single track aspect Babba's had has disappeared. I think they should just just tar the route and get it over with.


Remember the good old Babba's with the rocky koppie by the power lines?

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Hi guys. I also took part in the 35km race and was glad to see some distance returning to this race.


I was riding behind my brother Mike and filmed his freak accident. Following another rider, a root sticking out of the ground came into his vision at the last moment. He took evasive action and the front wheel ended up in some slightly deeper, soft sand. From there everything went badly wrong so quickly that it defies belief. Here we are, cycling uphill on some very safe, hardpacked Jeep track and a bike crashes. To make matters worse, another rider had no time to react and ramps over Mike - not front wheel first, but rather the hard crank section elevated the guy to great heights.


The end result is a broken collar bone and some very painful ribs. The crash happened 5.5km into the race. I stayed with Mike for just under 8min and virtually the whole field went past us. I got going again and had my strongest race ever, finishing in 1:40:14 despite a 8min stop for my brother's fall. I must have re-passed about 150 riders which was fun - normally I am the one being passed.



1280x720 HD video (roughly 21MB)

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