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Concept C50 Carbon Clinchers


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This is both a testament to the product and the service that I have been fortunate enough to get from one of my fellow hubbers.

Thought that I would draw up a little review for the average cyclist out there. Instead of high end 'bikeradar" type reviews, this is from me, just the ordinary rider.


I bought a set of rims from CCD in September of last year.. the Concept C50 clinchers. I had never had the opportunity to ride carbon deep section rims in the past, so riding these rims was somewhat of a pleasure. Until a little over a month ago I had had no problems, then out of the blue on a particulary steep decent, I ran into a spot of trouble and cooked the rear rim. Why did it happen? Was it a manufacturing problem? A design flaw? My own carlessness, maybe sitting on the rear brakes too much and cooking the rim? I cant be sure what, but I am tending to lean towards the latter.

Anyhow, I got hold of CCD and just advised him of what happend, not expecting anything, just a courtesy mail. Next thing, Leonard was on the phone to me, finding out what happend. Discussed the situation with me and said he will look into it. I did not expect anything.

Next day, L:eonard on the phone again, "Brad.... I will replace the set for you, could have been a problem witht he side wall, we have changed the design slightly to rectify this".... WOW!!

I have ridden these rims for 8 months plus... a demo set and he replaced the rims without any further questions...

THIS IS WHAT CCD IS ALL ABOUT! Service adn believing in his product.

So, now comes the review of my NEW rims.

We had the hoops built up with the exsiting hus that I had purchased from CCD, Powerway Hubs. They are exceptionally smooth and spin for a LONG time. Anodiszed red, so pretty personal. I had the rims personalised further by asking Leonard to add the black Aero Spokes with Red Anodised Nipples to match the hubs. THIS IS A STANDOUT, personalised rims that ONLY I have. I KNOW that Leonard will personalise your rims for you!


SO, now the feedback.... What a remarkable rim. Stiff, LIGHT and rolls forever. That is all I can say. I have now ridden two different rims with the same specs (50mm) and these new ones are fantastic, the braking surface is re-inforced, slightly thickier without compromising the weight of a shade over 1600grams for the set. They seem stiffer and more responsive. For the flats, the 50mm are fantastic and cut through the air like butter, maybe look at the 38mm for the climbing and windy CAPE DAYS. They Carbon is stong and light and the finish of the rim is immaculate and professional. Sealed Decals, true and light.... What more could you ask for.


For the price you pay... you are NOT going to be left wondering about your purchase, these rims are without a doubt THE best value for money and shoot WAY above its price range. You could well spend double the price on a set of rims and get less feedback.


Come now people, good decals, great finish to the product, excpetionally good value... PROUDLY South African entrepeneur with an absolutel FOCUS on his clients......


If you are looking for a rim for summer.... give CCD (right here on thehub) a call..... Concept Carbon Rims :clap:

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Glad to hear as I am getting my new Concept 50 Clinchers on Friday.


One of the reasons I chose these wheels is that I also heard good stuff about Leonard from other people.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Guys


Would like to thank you all for the support.

Yes, customer service is of great importance to me.

This is the foundation on which my business is built and will continue to be in the future.

Supplying quality products to customer at affordable prices is the motto.


Just to show everyone the changes we made in the design of the brake surface.

Here are some pics to show you.

Below is a pic showing the old brake surface.



Here is one of the new brake surface which is reinforced and performs better under heavy loads and braking.



Once again thank for the support and hope to deal with you all in future.





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And that is why I'm buyingConcepts from Leonard. I'm waitingfor my bucks to clear and they will be on their way to me.


Leonard is all about service. Kept me informed every step on the way with my set.


Can't wait to ride them. :clap:

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