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29er Tyre Slick or Semi Slick and Weight Reduction


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Dear Hubbers,


I am a new cyclist started mid May 2011. I bought a MTB (Raleigh Nomad 80 29er) to sit in a more upright position due to a bad shoulder.


I have found myslef doing mostly road riding and some dirt roads. Mostly though I am on the road with some road biking friends. Of course i am very slow being new and on the MTB. I was looking at options for road tyres and any upgrades whether wight reduction or changings my cogs and cranks to different gear rations (not even sure if thats possible!).


What suggestions or opnions do you have for me? I would appreciate some kind of priority order woth which to upgrade e.g. tyres 1st, fork 2nd, lightweight stem and bars 3rd etc.


I saw some references on older posts for a tyres size 700 25c I think but havent being able to find this on the net. If you are in the know of such things please share.


Kind regards and thanks,


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