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SAS...pull up your socks!


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Wanna ride in the Nissan series? Cool, then get a SAS number board...


I am happy to support the cause and understand the benefits for a working seeding system.

Since, I have participated in a few large events like Argus, 94.7, EPIC etc. I have witnessed the capabilities of a well implemented RF system.


From what I have witnessed on the implementation of SAS in the NISSAN series one can only confirm that a rider crossed the finish line and not that:


- The rider started the race

- The rider started the race in a specific batch

- The rider followed the route he entered

- The riders race time

- etc.


How can we easily remedy the problem?


- Place an RF ID reader at the start of the race (and use it)

- Place RF ID readers along the route (this might even help you with sweeping...)


There is a saying "If you wanna run with the dogs you can't..." ag forget the saying

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i was thinking roughly the same thing the other day.


why dont they put a timing mat at an undisclosed place along the route, preferably somewhere that the cheaters will try and take a short cut to cut down distance, and compare the excel data afterwards, and give seeding according to that, and DQ the riders who did not cross the mat,


i mean it would be easy enough to do, just put the results/readings next to each other and sort them in order number, like that it would be east enough to see which numbers are missing in which column

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Now that you mention it, the sas events I have done have also had timing/finishing issues

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