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Hi All


I had a an accident where i was knocked off my bike by a truck in 2004 and thus stopped racing (road) for a long time - deciding to bugger around on the mtb instead where there are no cars.


in Feb this year i decided to conquer my fears and get my butt back onto the roadbike and get back into it. needless to say ,the bug has bitten just as hard as the first time and I'm loving being back on the road!


So to get to the point....


Back when i was still riding before there was PPA cards etc... one seeding index (and the races were a lot cheaper! hahaha :lol: ) needless to say things have changed a lot since - 10 speed carbon bikes everywhere and the whole CSA thing / UCI licence thing... - which i managed to suss out quite easily


however,I'm still trying to get my head around the whole seeding thing works as i reeeeaaly don't want to have to start at the back of the pack when it comes 94.7 / argus time.


from what i can gather - the Cape guys n girls have their own seeding system - PPA. 94.7 has their own races - same story with argus - and then theres cycle labs list of races which never seem to get updated as i gather from hubbers rants n raves.


my tactic has been to basically enter all the races i think will count in one way or another and hope for the best. lists taken from 94.7 and argus websites / info.


so far the only biggish one I've done this year is the middle distance jock (stage 2/3). Along with a few shorter races earlier in the year which i doubt will count for seeding e.g the fountains in june.


I've entered the following as i remember most of them from back in the day


carousel - aug

sun city - aug

dome to dome- sep

amashova - oct

satellite classic -oct

94.7 -nov


they put me in CL for carousel next week -- how was this calculated as i obviously have not had any results over the last 6 odd years? will any of these races I'm going to ride actually count if the seeding doesn't get updated regularly?


could someone pls enlighten an out of touch cyclist with how out it all works these days. :blink:



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In short if its not timed by the Racetec/PPA cartel it is not used to seed races such as Argus and 94.7. Until last year some races such as Carnival who used Championchip were included in 94.7 but no more. PPA/Racetec use this monopoly as a carrot to get race orgs to switch to them.


Then there is the national seeding index which includes races timed by Racetec, Championchip and i understand SS timing as well. This is used to determine seeding for all races outside Western Cape and those that do not require Racetec/PPA cartel approval.

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I wonder what the competition commission will say about the so called Argus seeding events which can only be timed by RaceTec. These guys, to my mind, are using dirty tactics to win races previously timed by ChampionChip (the better of the lot in my mind). Whish these guys want to start focusing on what the participants need instead of their own little dirty agenda's.

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