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94.7 cut off


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What is the cut off time for the 94.7? What time do the last group start? Trying to find out how much time an unseeded rider has to complete the race and average speed required.

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Guest agteros

A few cut & pastes:



The start of the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge is on the R55 before Maxwell Drive in Sunninghill, from 05h30 until 09h21.


5. Where does the race take place, start and finish?The Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge starts at 05:30 on the R55 before Maxwell Drive in Sunninghill, and finishes at the Waterfall Country Estate, 6 hours from the last start group.


Bear in mind that there are cut-offs at each of the waterpoints as well.

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Guest agteros

Cut off points/times from http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/downloads/CutOffTimesSweepLocations.pdf



1st Water Table on St Andrews Rd and Victoria Rd 18.40km @ 10:35:00

2nd Water Table on Jan Smuts Avenue after 7th Avenue, Rosebank 36.30km @ 11:42:07



3rd Water Table on Homestead Avenue (Bryanston) after turn from Hendrik Verwoerd Drive 44.80km @ 12:14:00

4th Water Table on Witkoppen Road and Market Street 53.36km @ 12:46:06

5th Water Table on Malibongwe after River Rd 58.00km @ 13:03:30

6th Water Table on N14 at the Total Petroport 67.70km @ 13:39:52

7th Water Table on N14 near Natures Valley. 72.70km @ 13:58:38

8th Water Table on R562 after Koedoe Road. 79.60km @ 14:24:30

9th Water Table on R562 after London Road. 84.70km @ 14:43:38

10th Water Table on Heart Break Hill on R55 between Valley Road and Maude Avenue. 90.40km @ 15:05:00

11th Water Table at the FINISH at Waterfall Country Estate. 97.40km @ 15:31:15

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Guest agteros

Okay, will rather attach the spreadsheet. Cut and paste with the current sucky forum form editor is impossible




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