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[Event] Bicycling 24-Hour MTB - Omni-Motion


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Event Name: Bicycling 24-Hour MTB - Omni-Motion
When: 3 December 2011 - 4 December 2011
Where: Van Gaalens Cheese Farm, Gauteng
Category: MTB

Bicycling 24-Hour MTB - 12th year - Omni-Motion


The Venue has been chosen and we believe it is the best yet.


Van Gaalens Cheese Farm. 3rd and 4th December 2011.


Don't miss this one!


Entries open at entrytime.com soon and there will be some really cool uniquely designed collectors T-Shirts available too.



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Here it is, we have looked at all dates and angles but there is no other date available. I have searched ALL date books and NO-Where can I see me officially clashing with ANYONE....so the final answer......3/4 December 2011. There will be prize money for the first three in EACH catagory.


Open, men and woman.... VETERAN 40-49, men and woman... Masters,50 PLUS,men and woman.


SINGLE SPEED, Open only.



Open...men and woman....Mixed...Veteran 40-49... Coffin Dodgers, Combined age of four riders 220 years.



Open.....Mixed......Inter Club MIXED.



Four man teams. OPEN Boys and Girls. FOUR man mixed.


Details available soon.


TWO 24-hour events on one weekend... :unsure:

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The Omni-Motion 24 Hour has been held every year for 11 YEARS on the first weekend of December! It is STILL the biggest and best 24 Hour in South Africa.

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In 2003, the Omni-Motion 24 Hour was held at Logwood Ranch. There are so many amazing stories and memories from over the years.Here are a few photos from 2003 to jog the memory!









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