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[Event] MTB Orienteering


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Event Name: MTB Orienteering
When: 4 September 2011
Where: Northern Farm, Gauteng
Category: MTB

Wits Orineteering Club are holdaing a Mountain bike orienteering race at Northern Farm. Starts are from 9-10am, and there are 3 courses on offer; 6, 13 and 20km. Cost is R60 + R30 entrance to northern farm. Entrance tickets can be bought in advance from www.webtickets.co.za.


See post below for further info on what MTBO is.


More details on this event at:


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There are 5 mountain bike orienteering events coming up in Gauteng and Mpumalanga from September to November. So if you’ve never given mountain bike orienteering a try or even heard of it before, come on out and see what it’s all about!


Mountain bike orienteering combines all the fun of mountain biking with the mental challenge of reading a map and finding a number of set points, called controls. There is no marked route between the controls, so you have to navigate your own way, using the map you are given at the start. There may be several possible routes, and the challenge is to choose the best option. Is it going to be quicker to ride over the hill on the technical singletrack, or take the long route around the hill on the fast jeep track? Riders start at different times, and there are different courses for different fitness levels, so it’s not just a case of following the person in front of you. To win you need to complete the course in the fastest time. You can choose to ride at your own pace, or in small groups, so anyone who can ride a mountain bike can take part, making it a great competitive as well as family sport.


There are short, medium and long courses at each event, with the short being about 6km, and the long about 20km. These distances are as the crow flies and without making any errors so typically you may end up riding a bit further!


You can enter on the day and it costs about R60, including the map. At registration you’ll receive a start time and an electronic tag, which is punched at each control to show you’ve been there. It’s highly recommended that you ask one of the many helpers at registration to explain the event, and especially the map. The map is specially drawn, with a high level of detail, including different path symbols to show the rideability of different tracks.


At the start, you’ll receive your map with the course marked on it. Plan your route to the first control, trying to find the quickest and easiest way there, using the tracks marked on your map. You’ll see the orange and white flag as you approach the control site. When you reach the flag, punch your electronic tag. Then plan your route to the next control, and carry on round the course until the finish. At the end you will be given a print out of your split times for each control and you’ll be able to check the overall results to see how you did in comparison to other riders.


All you need to bring is your bike and normal cycling gear, including helmet.


The events dates and locations are


4 Sept Northern Farm, GP

2 Oct Bosvark 4x4, Krugersdorp, GP

23 Oct Capestorm Rogaine*, Kaapschehoop, MPU

6 Nov Thabankwe, Hekpoort, GP

13 Nov Groenkloof, Pretoria, GP


*The Rogaine works slightly differently. It has a set time limit and the aim is to collect as many controls in the time limit as possible; again choosing your own route. There are options of a 2 hour and a 5 hour time limit. The Rogaine requires pre-entry before 12 October.


Please contact Nick Cooper for further information on 074 188 9250 or nickecooper@gmail.com.

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