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[Event] Pro Classic Series Stars In Training (PPA D-I)


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Event Name: Pro Classic Series Stars In Training (PPA D-I)
When: 11 September 2011 - 29 October 2011
Where: Western Cape, Western Cape
Category: Road

ACA JOE Pro Classic Series


NEW! Stars in Training


All male or female PPA members who want to improve and develop their racing skills as well as PPA seeding. These cyclists must have a PPA Seeding D – I. This group will start after the PPA (A – E) groups has started but before the official PPA F start group. The group will not have a Commissaire but only a Think Bike Marshal to keep an eye on the group.

The top three places will receive podium recognition at the PCS events, however no leaders jerseys will be handed out for the Series.


Entry fees: R 880 (includes your 5 race entry fees)




11 Sept Orbit Tour de Worcester 102 KM

17 Sept PCS Hill Climb

18 Sept PCS Circuit Race

23 Oct Tiletoria West Coast Express 85 KM

29 Oct Durbanville High School 84 KM

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Reminds me of the Cat3 i did at the beginning of year. I found it a complete waste of money. I would have had better race times if i started in my seeded group. Dont understand the logic in why having this group would improve their racing skills. They do the race just like any other seeded group. Oh wait a minute, there is a deff, you pay about R200+ for the race and starting in a normal group would be R80-R100/race


Please explain why this group improves your racing skills.........

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I guess the organisers can take the camel to the oasis, but can't make it drink! Translated - they can organise for a special category to race, but then what happens in the race is up to the riders.


Jaco, when you did the Cat3 thing - did everybody just pace or did people attack the whole time? Racing leagues could have slower times than a well paced A or B group, but believe me, the racing is much harder!

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So not worth doing?


If it is like Jaco explained it might be better to start in your PPA group, but then to either work hard in your group or try to attack to try and catch the next bunch!

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I promise you its not much diff than any other group. You have about 4 or 5 guys who is willing to work. Allot of wheelsuckers like in all other groups. The stronger guys leave the group on the climbs (like in any other group). No teams, so no real tactics involved. You get your odd poephol who attacks from the back of the group and then you pass him 500m later. I found it better to ride in seeded group. Some shocking bike handling skills like in most groups.


You pay your R880 because you would like to be part of a racing group and maybe see where you end at the end of the springleague. This unfortunately is not possible because they dont even have a GC for this group (they did not in beginning of year).


My conclusion: Dont waste your money!

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If you have a PPA seeding of D/E then what's the point? You'll be starting behind your normal group with people who are slower than you (seeding wise), of course there will be 1/2/3/4 really fast people who have just started the PPA races in the lower groups who will make it more worthwhile. I guess this is much more beneficial to the F-I riders.


But riding in PPA groups compared to the league is a whole different story.

Much more attacks and the speed will increase-decrease-increase-decrease compared to the steady pace of the normal groups.

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