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2011 94.7 Seeding Events


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Does anyone know if the Amashova 2011 and Jacaranda Classic 2011 are seeding events for this year's 94.7?


I see on their website they list the 2010 Amashova and Jacaranda events but just want to check if anyone knows if this years ride will help with seeding.

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Just got this reply from their Facebook page...


Hi Clayton,

We run seeding mid-October, so these events aren't included. However, once the seeding has been done, if you have a good time you think can better your Cycle Challenge seeding, you can complete a reseed form with the time, and the seeding committee will look at the merit of the application. Hope that helps?

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I should think they will be, they are both Racetec and Racetec wants * total world domination * :lol: :lol:

* a monopoly *


a little anti-competitive IMHO - force everyone to use one company so they can charge what they want.

little does the paying public know they are the one's paying for this service.

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Guest agteros

Nevermind this cr@p statement on their website: "It is not in our interests to push our entrants to enter and ride events which are deemed dangerous or at best not efficiently organised, benchmarked against the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge criteria."


There are 10 events ONLY which are used for seeding, with only 4 of those being regular up country event....

Not cool at all!

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and where are CSA with the "National Seeding Index" which was talked about all these years ago? Something for which a licence/membership fee and "per rider" levy is supposed to cover, amongst other things... what this space, or other threads - the story doesn't end here.

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