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94.7 MTB


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Hi all,


I'm thinking of doing the 94.7 MTB Challenge. Can someone tell me what the routes are like for the three different distances (10, 25, 50)? I'm a complete beginner to MTB so just want to know how technically challenging the various routes are. And there's no info on the official site, just says info to follow.



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They're pretty easy. If you can do the distance on the road, you should be able to do the distance on the dirt. There are traffic backups at every (percieved) obstacle, so there is no rush.

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My very limited experience. 10km is a family ride, lots of time standing around at choke points. Very low stress ride but can be frustrating with all the short people on the route. You also get the dad and son racing teams whizzing through on some stages.

25km has some technical sections but is more of a xc ride. That's what I'm trying this year.

50km has the technical gnarly bits in for the serious riders.


I did the 10km last year, doing the 25 this year. Thats about my happy spot for off road, so won't even endevourti line up for the 50 km

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