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Berg & Bush 2011


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This was my (and my team-mate's) first stage race. What an awesome event. We had such fun (and found new and novel ways of dismounting our bikes in the process).


The route was just challenging enough, with some properly scary bits (e.g. trundling along the top of the escarpment on day 1).


The food was outstanding and it was cracking atmosphere in which to watch the Lions/Sharks on Saturday.


So glad I had the opportunity to take part in this event. Thanks to all involved in organising a great long weekend.

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Couldn't agree more. Also my partner and my first stage-race and we had a blast. A lot of "knyping" coming down the escarpment on Day 1 - don't think I've ever ridden such a technical descent before - fantastic. Agree that the vibe was very chilled even with the expansion in the no. of teams/riders - highly recommended!

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Chapeau and double thumbs up to the hosts, Gary Green, and Doug & Stu of Impi events. Excellent riding and high quality event in my opinion. Catering (quantity and quality) as well as the water tables (content and attitude/atmosphere) were outstanding. Was lucky enough to get almost unobstructed runs down many of the unbelievable singletrack sections. :) Never thought a Puffadder would put such a smile on my face.


I was told there was almost a three figure waiting list but for riders considering this event in the future, good condition tyres, properly tuned suspension and effective brakes in addition to a well maintained bike will push up the fun factor. 65kmph plus down Bezuidenhout's pass will expose any bike's lack of maintenance as the techies working to midnight on Friday will attest to.

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Fantastic event - it was well organized and well run... Some of the best single track I have ever ridden. The route was difficult without being over the top. I conquered Spioenkop kop - 17% gradient according to Garmin, I think day 3 was the best but in truth all were fantastic! Will do this event again for sure!

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I must agree. This is an event i will go back for every year without fail. This was my second one i was determined i would finish this year although the gods of MTB had other ideas after i pretzeled my front wheel twice.


I cannot fault the event in any way. The route marking is great. Food and catering is great. Atmosphere etc are all great.


The only downfall in my mind and this is a bit of a request, is that tey try and lay the tents out in such a way that we can get some shading at least. A whole group of us were placed on the furtest stretch from the main area without even a tree for shade. There was no where for us to even pull our matresses out of our tents to try and find some shade even relatively close to us. After riding all day in the sun and then the swealtering heat of the day a little shade would be nice.


My complaint on the other hand was the way Doug dealt with myself and my teammate on the last day. Now Doug is normally a nice guy. I have chatted to him on a few occasions. After bending my wheel and not being able to ride further a farmer gave us a lift back to Winterton. OUt of courtesy to the timing guys we went to them to say that we had DNF'd. When we got to the tent Doug's words were "WHAT THE F&*K DO YOU WANT NOW?" In my mind uncalled for. But that wont stop me from going back neext year to try and finsh this stunning race/ride.

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The routes and the riding was awesome.

Definitely stretched me a little past my tech capabilities.

The descent off the top of spionkop was a little hectic for a "Vaalie" who doesn't have access to this type of riding.

2 falls, but I think I learnt something, will test this weekend when I ride the 2 day event :-)

Feed stations / water points were awesome.


Day 3 single track was brilliant!!!

IMO only 2nd to Wine2Whales day2, but not by much.


The camp was a bit of a mission. We were also way down the end.

My only suggestion would be easier access to water and places to wash your hands.


I will be back for more next year - lots of fun.

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