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[Event] GEM Tour 3000km Across SA


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Event Name: GEM Tour 3000km Across SA
When: 1 August 2012
Where: Messina to Cape Town through the Northern Cape, Northern Cape
Category: MTB

To Cyclists and Philanthropists


Cycling Outreach Opportunity


For the past 3 years Abundant Life has been reaching out to the communities of South Africa on an August cycle tour known as the GEM tour (Going the Extra Mile).

This is real “hands-on outreach” like donating food, clothes, planting veggie gardens, cleaning and repainting orphanages, playing with the kids, presenting programs on lifestyle and healthy living and visiting schools.

To date we have cycled more than 7800Km on outreach missions serving the needy, building relationships and seeing the country from your saddle!


Last year we worked with ADRA and the AIDS foundation in a huge success in reaching communities in over 20 towns.


My initial plan for August 2012 is to provide all the schools or orphanages (26 in total) we visit on our month long journey with shoes for their barefoot students.

And to raise awareness and get donations/sponsors I intend on having a barefoot cyclist on the road for the full 3000+ Km.

This barefoot cyclist will alternate daily on the average of 134km per day over 26 days of cycling.

And it is the mission of the group of cyclists who do have shoes on, to get the barefoot cyclist to our destination (the school or orphanage) by motivating,

pushing or whatever the need be to get them there on time and do the “drop-off”.

These individuals will be well known, as I am planning to have famous faces barefoot for the day, as that would create more awareness and cause donations for the shoes to rise.


There will be two teams, one cycling team and the other will be our outreach team, this team drives out ahead of the cycling team, serving the school or orphanage in any way possible as we have done in the past.

Once their programs are finished for the day, the cyclists should arrive and the shoes can be donated.


The kids at these schools will not receive the shoes for free, no, they will work for it, spending a day in their various communities picking up litter and also making a difference,

and as reward, they will receive school shoes. This will help them realise that they too can make a difference by picking up litter and hopefully this will teach them not to litter.


Once the 26 celebrities all confirm that they are keen on joining, we will enable our web “donation / sponsor” application which will allow you, the public and businesses, to choose and sponsor the celeb of your choice. A detailed itinerary of who will be barefoot and on which leg, will also be created to give you an idea of just how far your celeb will be cycling without shoes!


As a cyclist you have a lot to look forward to, the tour will be done on mountain bikes with slicks on as we will be doing mainly road cycling, but there are 4 or more off-road days where you will definitely need some grip and roadies will have to get in the van and sit out these days.


A variety of fun challenges await as we will have some short, some long and some very long stretches...

Everyday one of the following will be the game plan:


P2b (Pace to breakfast)- Some days those who are willing and able will set a very high pace to breakfast and then after breakfast anyone else who wants to can get on the bike and the day will be finished on an easier pace.


ALL FINISH - (Everyone finish) Everyone who starts needs to finish the day, with the fit doing what they can to get the not so fit to the finish line.


110@1 (Aim is to have reached 100km at 1pm) If achieved we will stay on steady pace, if this distance is not made then the pace will be set up to what ever is needed to finish on time and those who cant keep up will get in the van.


TT360 (Time trial 3 60) On the longest days 3 groups will take turns to give it all they have for 60km and then a new group will get on the bike after breakfast for the next 60km and a final group to also do 60km for the last stretch. The barefoot cyclist stays on the bike, he/she will not rotate. After your 60km sprint you are not forced to stop cycling, if you feel you can do the whole stretch at that pace, you are welcome to!


Keep in mind that while all this is going on, the top priority is still to get the barefoot cyclist to the destination on time. The group can only move as fast as the barefoot cyclist does.


Apart from the 26 celebrity spots available, I have reserved 20 cycling positions for the public , this will be a first come first serve deal. Attached is the cycle route and tentative itinerary.

Entry fee includes:

• 3 Healthy meals a day for a full month

• Accommodation for a full month at very scenic places

• Tour Branded First Ascent kit which includes the following:

2 Cycling jerseys (Branded)

3 Bibs shorts

1 Cycling Jacket (Branded)

1 Pair of leg warmers

1 Pair of UV arm protectors

1 Pair MTB Gloves

1 Pair of fleece gloves

1 Fleece Ear muff

1 Comfort sleeping matt (Self inflating)

1 ZZ Pillow (Self inflating)

( We have been making use of First Ascent for many years and they have quality gear that has not let us down before.)

• Transport back from Cape Town to Johannesburg via Bloemfontein, after tour ends.

Entry fee including kit : R 15 000

Without kit : R 12 000


Come join for a month of enriching others and yourself!


If you are unable to join us but would still like to be a part of this outreach mission, you can do so by donating towards

the cost of the shoes for the barefoot learners. Banking details are available on our website listed below.


Businesses welcome to sponsor, plenty of advertising space available on website and trailers & vehicles.


Please contact me if you are interested and would like more info. Also contact me if you live in any of the towns on our route and you know of an underprivileged school or orphanage that could really benefit from our outreach mission.


Nelis Theron

Development Director & Tour Leader

Abundant life

079 087 8650


www.abundantlifecycle.co.za (Info on GEM Tour 2012 will be uploaded before December)

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