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Do Hubbers Have Big Hearts???


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Being a hubber often raises eyebrows.. guys who know it all and have nothing better to do...That's what we hear... I have had my fair share of "kicks" but I believe that a lot of good has germinated from this forum..I am appealing to your good natures today. I am sure you all know how difficult it is to raise money for a good cause... there are two charaties represented at "The Vlei 24 Hour" The one most of us know,and that is CANSA... Mike v d Walt is a 60+ cancer survivor who attempted his first 24 hour charity ride last year but fell and broke his collar bone...Mike is Back and I am asking you guys to support this worthy cause.

A lesser known charity is "The Door of Hope".This charity was started when a new born baby was left on the steps at door of a church a few years ago.Many children have been left in this manner....When I last heard they had 33 babies they are taking care of.They depend entirely on the generosity of folks just like you.I will give R250 to each of these two charities to start the ball rolling. My appeal to you is to try and get just ONE other person to help besides yourself.THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS APPEAL. Wendell

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Wendell how can we help,money,food act.let us know

Hello Pieter,

Cansa will welcome any financial help...as well as the Door of Hope. I know they use something like SIX thousand nappies a month. So my blessed friend what ever you are lead to help with, let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Thank you for caring. Wendell :thumbup:

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