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Decided to pull the trigger on a USWE "action pack" and Action camera harness :clap: ! After constantly struggling to find a chest mount that will be strong enough to stop my gimbal-setup from bouncing I decided to give this a try. The pack is extremely comfortable even with the camera harness installed and the gimbal/camera doesn't move at all! I don't usually ride with a pack because of how bulky they look and feel but this one looks sleek, feels fast and is just big enough to fit a bladder + all the camera extras. :thumbup: Now I have a comfortable pack for those SUPER long days and a comfortable camera harness.






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Will it be ready for Dec? Also, can you connect it to IL?

yes and no - It will take a week or two.  You should be able to ride it on your gravel bike though so a sprint up the hill, a few laps and then roll back down for a few well earned beers and a braai at your site

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make a build thread already

I don't consider myself to have a lot of luck per se but this is looking like I have struck gold

I know Rob who owns the Garden Route Trail Park but we aren't buddies.  Rather we have a mutual good mate who said just give Rob a call and ask him to build you a trail.


I was too scared of rejection so I whatsapped him and he asked me for a location pin.  He google earthed it and then came and walked it telling me his plans.  Clueless I just agreed, I mean WTF do I know?  

The lucky part is Rob like machines like we like bikes and he just got a new custom made trail cutter bit he was itching to test and so he's arrived on site a week early and digging away.  hasn't taken a coffee or tea break.  It already has berms and flow.

He will bring some guys at the end to compact it and shape it - I have to build the bridge over one of my fences and that will be my sole contribution (and cash but no where near what you'd think for this sort of thing)


I have my new MTB waiting for its maiden voyage and I've decided no place like home to break it in.

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