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Wacky Water Coaching Clinic


For free or not for free? Or for cycling only?  

  1. 1. Would you send your children to attend this course? (as per the website)

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • Only if cycling was a listed activity
  2. 2. Would you send your children to attend this course only if it were free?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

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Hi Hubbers,


I'm posting this both to help out someone dear to me, and to spread an opportunity for those forum users with kids to let them go and have some fun this December!


Check out the website!!!


I would have loved them to add cycling as one of the activities, so if anyone has ideas or suggestions as to how cycling can be integrated into this course, or as a 'sport' in general for future events and activities it would be much appreciated (I say this because every student and coach I have asked so far for advice with regards to cycling and health etc. knows a lot but cannot immediately apply what they know to cycling specifically. Would be nice to broaden the horizons to the more general people as well). So far we've gotten many people to recognize sailing from our side, now its cycling's turn.



In short, my friend who is a student at ETA as well as an ISAF sailing instructor is having a clinic over a period of 4 days in which the kids are exposed to and involved in different sports, and can pick what they like at the end of the day to pursue as their hearts desire.


As many people as possible need to attend! The more the merrier and much fun will be had each day.


Location: Simons Town, Cape Town


Dates: 9th-12th December 2013


Info: http://wackywatercoa....wix.com/clinic





EDIT: Because so few people have booked and many have complained that the course is too expensive, your children can attend FREE of charge (I think? I stand under correction, this was an idea discussed and might be put into action. Please post if you would let your kids attend only if it were free or if you would be happy to pay for them to attend)


Will update on this matter later today.


Why you ask? The course would be pointless and boring with only two students, so now you stand a chance to have the opportunity to let your kids have some fun in the sun with everyone else for free. However it it is for free, any contributions, no matter how big or small will be appreciated more than you can imagine as this will go to getting sporting equipment for schools in the area to promote sports and the kids quality of life at school which will hopefully positively effect their lives in general.


Again, check out the website for more info and contact Shereen with any queries!




Thanks Hubbers!


Happy riding this weekend.




[Thought I'd add this in advance and in defense of my friend because I know that I do pick up spelling and grammar mistakes so no offense intended to anyone but the internet's Grammar Nazi's, please take it easy on the website. Some people do try their very best but still aren't perfect]

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