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Fresh approach to Cycle Service - Cycloworx

Francois Pienaar

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I've been riding for going on 8 yrs right now. I've serviced my bike at many different shops, but most recently I've been using Linden Cycles. Their services have always been great and I can't really complain. Normally when I query things, they are happy to fix it without question and the quality of their workmanship has been fine.


They are however a bit out of the way for me AND with them being SO popular, you sometimes need to book like 14 days in advance. This is a bit of a problem if you just quickly want some running repairs done.


I then decided to try a shop up the road from me - CycloWorx (Petervale Shopping centre). I was pretty surprised with their approach and it goes a little something like this (sounds I need a soundtrack here):


- They don't have a flat rate for a service, they simply charge you PER ITEM that they do.

- They also don't carry out ANY WORK until you've given them the go ahead on each item.

- They FIRST quote and await your approval.


This approach is pretty cool as I have in the past been in a situation where a 500 service turns into a 2000 service, granted we do discuss it, but I don't get a line by line quote before work is completed. I get a brief phone call where I need to make a call there and then without being able to digest it.


In any event, I'm picking up the bike today and doing a training ride this arvy. Will reply to this post with how the bike is going (hope it doesn't fall apart, rofl).

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