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Just an observation I've made, there aren't too many people who cycle early morning or evenings wearing reflective jackets or other items of visibility other than their front and rear lights. Firstly, is there a reason for this?


Also, given that the largest part of a cyclist on a bike is the actual cyclist, would it not make sense for the cyclist to be most visible?


The reason I ask is I am fairly new to cycling and wanted to understand if items like the two jackets below with LED's are considered taboo? or not practical for some reason? or just not readily available?  


With Winter fast approaching and most of my cycling to occur during darker periods I am hoping to understand what options are available to me or recommended to ensure I remain safe on the road. Not sure if I'm alone here or if others share the same thoughts or interests in items like the below?







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@rudi-h I'm afraid you are correct. Therefore I have personally submitted to "The Keepers" an additional rule to consider "Try not get hit by a car in the dark".


Fingers Crossed..Wish me Luck!

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I'm afraid that you have little chance to success... Most guys will tell you that their 1400+ lumen light makes them visible even to potential alien invaders from outer space. Although I support any safe measures it's hard to argue that anything out there will be more visible than a decent set (white upfront and flashing red at the back) of lights... If you don't own a bright set of lights then a reflective vest is a surely the second best option.

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