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Thule roofrack on bakkie


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hi! i found a post about this, but from 2009...  desperately need advice.


the Thule roofrack on the back of a bakkie, is it a custom job, and where can it be done? is it a schlep to remove and is it stabe enough?



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As far as I know it would need to be customised depending on what you want. Thule do sell a big structure that fits inside of the loadbin but that really isn't practical as you can't close the loadbin at all on top. Mine is very stable, I did the job almost 5 years ago and it's still holding strong. I often remove the bike racks and use the other racks to load stuff and it can take a fair amount of weight. Iv never loaded more than 3 bikes on but it handles that easy.

It's not too much of a mission to remove just a bit difficult to get to the nuts under the load bin. But I'm used to work like that so not a schlep for me but for a lot of people I'd say it would be a schlep. I often remove the bars and just leave the footpads behind. That takes 5 min and is easy.


Another thing is that when I got mine they didn't have footpads that would work it my situation that could take the aero bar so I had to settle with the square bar. But it's a bakkie so look alright.

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You'll need to fit an articficial fix point to the back bin and then you can mount a 753 foot pack with bars. Once the bars and foot pack are mounted you'll be able to mount the roof mounted bicycle carriers. Any Thule Partner Store should be able to assist you with this fitment.


Hope that helps.

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