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Motorcycles + Two-strokes + IOMTT talk


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The first ever motorcycle I fell in love with was a brand new Rothmans Honda NSR250R standing right next to my new MBX50 at Rupert's Bike Inn. Was thinking about it the other day and started thinking how to get my hands on one....it's nearly impossible. Searching the internet you realise how sort after it is and what you will pay for any make or model two-stroke motorcycle in good condition. I see they still love racing them at North West 200 road race in Ireland.


The Morecambe Missile John McGuinness who has won 23 TT's thus far, won his fisrt TT in the Lightweight 250cc class back in 1999 on a Honda NSR250 at the Isle of Man.


So, here's a thread to discuss everything two-stroke motorcycles; the technology, racing, history, videos, pics, etc.






Found this website for the Ronax 500 http://www.ronax500.com/en/index.php



The Ronax 500 will exclusively be manufactured on demand and is limited to 46 units.

Purchase price:
EUR 100.000,- plus VAT (19% in Germany) :eek:
We welcome you at our facilities in Dresden for a personal handover.
World-wide, shipping costs are not included.
delivery period:
min. 6 months
Ronax GmbH, Karcherallee 47, 01277 Dresden
An advance payment of 30 % plus VAT is required when signing the purchase contract.

After the advance payment has been paid there is the option to sign up for one of our testing appointments to test the bike on a racing circuit.


The powertrain
Our self-developed power-plant defines the characteristics of the Ronax 500 through our long experience in 2-stroke motorbike-racing and the latest engine control technologies.

2-stroke, 4 cylinders, 80 degree V-engine, two counter-rotating crank shafts
engine body
aluminium, milled
cubic capacity
160 hp at 11500 rpm
fuel supply
map-controlled fuel injection. Two different mappings: sport and rain
map-controlled cdi unit
electronic starter
four tuned pipes, steel
6 gear cassette gearbox
multi-disc clutch in oil bath
secondary drive

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Top Posters In This Topic

I owned at one stage a Suzuki RG250 twin, watercooled, wickedly fast.


When I was growing up the Kawasaki KH and Suzuki GT two stroke triples were the hot bikes.


The sound of there 3 into 1 or 3 seperate expansion pipes was out to this world.


Would still like to own one today - the smell of two stroke oil is brilliant !!

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A friend of mine had the NSR 250R in Repsol colours. That thing was crazy fast but could not catch another friends RGV 250.

those things were seriously fast to us riding DTs and RZs

Mate of mine had a Kawa KR250


That thing used to embarrass people on RGV's :)

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