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Discovery Health - Vitality and Team Vitality plus everything else you need to know

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Just saw a mail from discovery stating that for R 600 per year for cyclists they will pay back 50% of entry fees to races up to R3000 per quarter.


Anyone have some more info or inside info whether this will be every race, ppa, lights by lines etc we enter. If so I could.be a lot wealthier next year!! This is like PPA but on crack.

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just googled and found this https://www.discovery.co.za/portal/individual/vitality-news-oct14-team-vitality-events/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=VitalityNewsletterOct14&utm_campaign=team-vitality-events


Join Team Vitality and get cash back on selected running, cycling and triathlon events

We have seen a growing trend in outdoor activity. So, in 2015, your fitness benefits will give you even better choices when it comes to getting active outdoors. We’re introducing Team Vitality.

You can join this community and choose from 5km runs or marathons, take part in shorter cycling events or events that test your endurance to the max, or even take on an exhilarating triathlon. The Team Vitality race calendar will offer something for everyone.

Join Team Vitality and enjoy the best races with many benefits

There is a yearly membership fee for Team Vitality. If you join Team Vitality as a runner, you’ll pay R300 a year. For those of you who cycle, it will be R600 a year. And, for those who run and cycle, the yearly fee will be R900. Please note: You must be 18 years old or older to join Team Vitality.

On joining Team Vitality, you’ll get a starter pack. Your starter pack will include exclusive Team Vitality race gear. You’ll also get vouchers for sports kit and devices worth over R1 000. When you complete events on the Team Vitality race calendar, you’ll get up to 50% cash back on a maximum of R3 000 you spend in a quarter. And, of course, we’ll give you Vitality points – up to 5 000 for each event you complete!

Let us know if you want to join Team Vitality

If you are interested in joining Team Vitality, you can visit www.discovery.co.za from 1 November for more information. You will then be able to send us your details to register for Team Vitality.

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That blurb is what I got emailed this morning. I just cannot see if they going to select associated events, or just all cycle events. If all cycle events then I am very excited! Don't have medical aid with them only life, car insurance and credit card

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Great! So if I enter say Knysna 300(R3 960), Gravel and Grape (R2 400), Dr Evil Classic (R2 850) and Berg and Bush (R4 400) I stand to get back R5 625 for the year? 

Now to start planning my leave for 2015!

Pretty much I think from what it says, up to a maximum R3000 per quarter, might not be as much back as you think, as some of those races are over R3000.. but could be a good chunk of it paid back if the races are on their selected list 

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It does say selected events so Im pretty sure it will only be ones sponsored by discovery or the races they endorse that would give vitality points for completing them.

Do they sponsor any races? They are asking R600, doubt anyone would join if there were only a few races.

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this is going to be a branding marketing excercise,  as many people as possible riding in discovery kit at "selected races".  We get race discounts, (but you will have to race more than 8 times, @R200 a race, a year to recover the R600).


If stage races are on the calander then you will score.

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Some races TBC. Mind the spelling



ride 4 sight

fast one


dale classic


emperors race

beast from the east




bestmed jacaranda

satellite classic

lost city



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Sounds good. It would be sneaky of them to provide points for almost all races and not have them all in their 'list'.


I haven't done any race that was not in their list of outdoor events. I must say, the person who updates it is quite clued up.  :thumbup:

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