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Discovery Health - Vitality and Team Vitality plus everything else you need to know

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from what i can see the healthy gear refund only applies to Adidas gear, so a polar or anything else is excluded

Hence the edit to show that it would be covered under Healthy Care (Clicks & Dischem) which now included all fitness related items, pretty much.


Oh - the Healthy Gear has now been extended to pretty much EVERYTHING that SW carries. SO, that's where I'll be shopping for some sporting goods from now on...

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I wonder how long it will be before discovery starts to "penalise" one for no longer doing certain events or reaching certain point levels.

On that. You guys have 2 dates left this year. 13th or 18th November . Which one do you want?

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Dont rob your MSA, you will need it one day, ie dental cowns/implants

Depends. Up until 2 years ago we rolled over ALL our MSA on an annual basis. Then baby.


Now that he's a bit older we're in the same position. And I'll probably take advantage of that, seeing as the money in there isn't interest bearing.


Admittedly not for everyone to use, as it won't accrue to your above threshold benefit (if you're on a plan with ATB) and it'll take away from stuff thay you MAY need cover for. But. It'll work for some

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