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Spares needed for extended trip / absence from LBS


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Good afternoon hubbers,


I again would greatly appreciate, your years of experience to help me in the following scenario.


I will be taking my bike with on a project in Africa, we are flying in so space / weight is at a premium.


I need your advice on what spares needs to be taken with seeing that  my bike will not be seeing civilisation for about 4 months and about 4000km.


I will be taking the normal list: Bike: Titan Comp


                                                Pumps Shock and tyre

                                                Spare tires




                                                Chain scrubber

                                                Brake Pads

                                                Spare chain and master links


Your advice will be appreciated greatly



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what tools exactly ?


and why a chain scrubber ?

  The following tools

Allen/ torx keys

Screw drivers

Crank puller

cassette key

Tire levers

Spoke wrench

Chain checker

Chain Whip


And all other tools found on construction and electrical installation sites.


Chain scrubber is light and compact and I am obsessed with a clean and freshly lubed chain

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Spare spokes?

Maybe a spare set of rear wheel (freehub included) bearings? <- might be overkill

Spare tubeless valve and or valve cores (presuming you're running tubeless?)

Duct tape

Cable ties


Have a look at the free preview for Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance on Amazon.com



The section on tools is near the beginning of the book and the whole thing is accessible freely there.

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Air travel and asociated air pressure can mess with sealed units such as hydraulic brakes. On my recent bike relocation the front brakes were poked. I suspect that there was some air in the system / not topped up properly. Wish I brought with only a small bit of miniral oil to get the brakes going again, so ad that to your list if you wish. (Obviously with basic tools to bleed & topup)


Furthermore I deflate my shocks a bit, once again for fear of pressure loss/increase. Don't think it critical but if you go that way obviously you'll need to take with a shock pump.


In case you need to re-seat tyres, a Schrader adapter. (You sure to find a compressor somewhere in the sticks)


Also if you have some spare space.....you will meet locals on your cycles there. Some spare tubes, patch kits etc to dish out on the odd ocasion. A little goodwill goes a long way in a foreign country.

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