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Upside's innovative design brings versatility to bike carriers

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Quite handy if you are hiring a car, just need to ensure it has a roof rack.  Then can arrive on a flight with your bike and be able to transport it no hassle as you can have the "upside" as part of your luggage!!

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Hydraulic brakes upside down for an extended period of time, not sure that's the greatest idea. Air bubbles will collect / move to the caliper versus the reservoir.

Nothing wrong with that. Used to carry my bike upside down, hang it from its front & back wheels and do all sorts of things to it. No issue re brakes and suspension, regardless of what some people will say.


Re the brakes - just bleed them properly and avoid getting air in the system altogether. 

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No man, even right away around bike racks on the roof are ****.


Why oh why???


Even when I had a sportscar that couldn't have a towbar, I at least used a clip on rack.  But why on the roof?  It looks (insert Cape flats P word here).

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