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Dis-Chem Ride For Sight 2017


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What was the finishing time of this group? The VA group I was in had around 8 guys with most working, and we came in at 3:01. Had 2 guys from Team Genasys.

2:46:01 - first group (30 riders)

2:49 and 2:52 - 2 in "no mans land"

2:54:14 - second group (positions 33-48)

2:57 (1), 2:58 (2), 2:59 (6), 3:00 (1) and 3:01 (12) for 49th - 70th positions.

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Did the race from CL and for once didn't witness any crashes although even near the front there was some pretty twitchy riding and surge then brake, surge then brake.  Lost the front bunch at the back of Suikerbossies then fought back on only to get spat out again leaving Heidelberg.  When I finally accepted my fate and sat up was in no mans land with km's of deserted road behind and long haul until I was found by 4 or 5 other stragglers.  So lost out on 7-8min I guess, similar story to s14phoenix, if I could have held on past Heidelberg probably would have made it all the way in the bunch.  


Ahh well, good training ride.

My race exactly. Worked with two guys after I dropped off just before Heidelberg. Bruce Reynecke kit I think . Group grew and about twelve or so came in together. Few Cyclelab guys as well. (Pulled us and tried in vain to keep the brown labels to the left.)

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Enjoyed the ride even though i took major strain over the last 30km. Stayed in the front 10 or so riders of the DL bunch until the halfway mark (ave speed to this point 40.8 km/h) and then I blew a gasket and more-or-less limped from group to group until the finish. Came in at 3:30. 


With the strong crosswind on the one section there was always the temptation to shelter to the right of the rider in front and it was only a matter of time before riders started to drift over the white line. But this became ridiculous when I saw riders taking on trucks in the oncoming lane. Pure madness! 


Not many lads keen to help up front in DL :P At least I got some solid work in the legs

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