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DVT, Blood clots and riding

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Sorry but it's not true that insurers will not pay out in the case of a pre-existing medical condition. I've already stated its possible to declare a medical condition and get insurance for it.

Also - of course I am going to try get to the bottom of what is causing the problem.

Finally - I am also very well aware of the risks of riding bikes and head injuries etc.

I'm glad you taking all the advice.

I just want to disagree with you on the insurance/ medical aid.I deal with them daily with claims for cases I've done,many of them very similar situations that you are in.If you are using one of the international insurance schemes

Yes they will insure you

Yes you have told them about your condition.

Believe me when I say,if something happens they will use your pre existing condition to try not to pay..

This is just my experience in dealing with claiming from international insurance and medical aids from patients I have treated.

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It comes down to full disclosure.Write to your medical insurance stating your condition and medical history.Tell them exactly the race you will be doing along with the risks involved and get in writing that they will cover you 100% should something happen to you in the race.

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What happens when you break your arm and have internal bleeding.... ??? perhaps a compound fracture where the bone sticks though the skin?


You see - that's not so simple.... or cheap - or depending on what it is, even possible in the field... a race doc's worst nightmare... and an ER pain as well - although usually better equipped and resourced than a race doc


The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes it's better not to ride - for everyone.

You have a point and to be honest when i was on thinners never thought ( perhaps wrongfully so) of it from a medics pow (the trouble i may put them thru) i have considered the additional risk on myself (the issues you mentioned above) and made the decision that i did.


What is scary when catting about my "event" i realised how many cyclist are actually on blood thinners and ride, thinking some people may need to take for life and wont stop riding, however right or wrong it is.


On another note, whatvarebyour views of scuba diving after a PE once off thinners?

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On another note, whatvarebyour views of scuba diving after a PE once off thinners?

There is a padi position paper out on this somewhere - can't find it in 5 min, but from memory:


1 - depends on the cause of the original PE and

2 - the likelihood of a re-occurrence of the clot (somewhat related to 1)


Frankly if I was asked to do a dive medical I would not give clearance at all for scuba work without some major workups to see what damage has occurred to the heart and lung, and certainly not for commercial deep dive work, although there are specialist dive medics that might, and as far as I am aware you are permitted to dive on warfarin - but I am not sure about meds without antidotes.


There are also some things that need to be explained and managed if you are well enough to get clearance - like for instance:


a - if you fly/drive before a dive then your risks are higher, and you should treat the flight/drive as needing prophylactic care (so anti-coagulants during the flight and for a short time thereafter),

b - extra rest after the flight before diving starts (more than a couple of days) to see if symptoms exist.


I am also not the best source of information on this - given I last went to a dive medicine seminar about 20 years ago... please don't take my views as chapter and verse on the subject.

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