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Fight Fans: Mayweather vs Mcgregor


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1 hour ago, Eddy Gordo said:

I saw the schedule on sat. I was like who, wait, what, naa not interested.

Yeah you didn't miss much. A few times I said I would go back to bed or start getting ready for work but just carried on watching and ended up being late for workūüėÜ, They only finished at like 05h30 our time.

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3 hours ago, Long Wheel Base said:

Anyone else get up really early this morning for Mayweather vs Paul?

The moment I saw that there would be no judges and the result wouldn't affect their professional results I knew it wouldn't be a good fight and it showed. The ref spent so much time separating them. 

BUT I must say, Logan has a big gas tank, I was impressed he lasted so long.

It also shows why there are weight divisions, as good as Floyd is, he couldn't really make much of an impact on Logan. Floyd is still super fast though.

Both guys commented on how impressed they were with their opponents.

Now just to wait for Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley.



It was an exhibition fight... Planned so to keep the audience tuned in and long enough to cash in on the PPV sales. . All that means is a big pay day.. Esp for Mayweather. 


I saw the one clip where Mayweather punched¬† that YouTube guy on the side of the head and proceeded to keep him up so that he didn't fall down... Was apparently quite early in the fight too. ... Can't have all that hype and the guy goes down early ūü§£





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Poirier and McGregor 3 on this weekend. The press conference was a lot more heated compared to the last time. Seems this time there won't be much hot sauce gifts and hand shaking in the weight in.

I am hoping Dustin takes it again. I think it is going to be a bit more of a brutal fight compared to the last time. 


As far as the other fights go.

I like wonder boy but he will have a tough time against Burns, 2 different styles so going to be interesting.

I also really hope that O'Malley gets KO'd. I am tired of all his never lost a fight nonesense. He even wears a shirt saying 13-0. But I don't know much about the stand in opponent so I guess it could go either way.

Then we have our local guy Drikus. His 2nd UFC appearance. 1-0 in the UFC, lets hope he goes 2-0.

Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 3: Who else is fighting at UFC 264?  Running order for main card, preliminary card, early prelims | DAZN News  South Africa

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Hope dustin gets the win , i want wonderbpy to win but burnes is a damn scary dude 


O'malley needs to get beat good , don't know the stand in guy but Sean's mouth has been out running him since his first win 

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Damn!!! What an anti climax. Was not planning on watching the fight.

Dustin was taking it to him, connor should be glad the fight ended early. 

But man, what a crap leg break. Was hard to watch the replays when his leg turned over.

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Disappointing , I was looking forward to seeing dustin beat the hell out of conor 


And then with his damn leg broken and bleeding from his head he still yells sh#t to Dustin about his wife , scumbag 


Would please me if this ends his career 



The stand in for O'malley was much better than I expected , Wonderboy fight was a snooze fest 

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DRICUS DU PLESSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a KO and then letting everyone know how to pronounce his name. Lekker man.

The 3 judges scored the first round 10-9, 10-8, 10-8. I don't think Conor would have lasted a full 2nd round. Dustin smashed him in the first. I hope they done with all these refights and Dustin can now fight Charles for the belt. Dustin reckons he felt Conors shin fracture early on with one of his kicks. Conor seriously needed to just shut his mouth after that. Someone posted a picture on Twitter on Dustins wife giving Conor the finger while he was being attended to. LOL THUG WIFE.

Agreed on the Wonderboy/Burns fight. It was a bit boring. 

The green haired dude has a chin made of steel But why the heck did Herb stop the fight with 7 seconds to go? He wasn't going to win but a decision looks much better on his resume than a TKO. 

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