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Hi Guys  :ph34r:


The NSPCA has formed a new (non-pro) National Cycling Team... They are looking for dedicated cyclists, sponsors, endorsees, donors and any other person/company who would like to get involved with #teamNSPCA.


Cyclists riding for the National SPCA Cycling Team would ride in aid of the NSPCA in any cycling events they take part in throughout the year, and do so in an attempt to raise funds for this great charity. This National Team will consist of more permanent and committed riders than the (equally awesome) 'NSPCA Charity Team' taking part in events like the 947... 


ALL funds raised, sponsorship received, donations donated, endorsements given and other support offered (being financial support, goods, services or other) will go directly to the NSPCA, as cyclists will ride for the team on a volunteer basis.  :thumbup:


Should you be interested in joining the team, or if you are a company looking at sponsoring the NSPCA, please contact the NSPCA directly on comms3@nspca.co.za - they will be able to give you more info. They do have some rules and criteria for members of the National Team, all available from the NSPCA...  :w00t:. You are also welcome to leave a comment here, or *DM me, and I will put you in contact with the right people (I joined the team recently and help them out with the admin etc...)  :blush:  


So, if you have a love for animals and enjoy cycling, please consider joining this team dedicated in supporting the NSPCA.  :clap:



ALL funds raised, sponsorship, donations, endorsements and other support (being financial support, goods or services offered) will go directly to the NSPCA, and cyclists ride for the team on a volunteer basis. 

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Brilliant initiative!!


If you don't mind sharing how does the fund raising take place and what would be expected of the riders?




Hi L911  :thumbup:


Below are the basics of being involved as a cyclist in the National #teamNSPCA. I briefly listed some information, but the full details can be made available on request from the NSPCA (comms3@nspca.co.za).


Firstly, fundraising takes place in several ways, by the riders, including:

  • Riders approaching possible donors and sponsors. Donations or 'sponsorships' received will be paid directly to the NSPCA by such donors or sponsors;
  • Through several electronic fundraising platforms. This includes SMS campaigns (such as sms'ing 'CYCLE' to 38018 which donates R25 directly to the NSPCA), and Back-a-Buddy campaigns (similar to this one: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/national-spca-cycling-team). These campaigns will be promoted by the NSPCA and riders;
  • By hosting fundraisers and competitions (with sponsored goodies as prizes), with proceeds of such going directly to the NSPCA - this will usually be done online;
  • Also through any other creative initiatives taken by the riders (obviously with consent and support by the NSPCA).
  • Basically, funds will be raised through efforts taken by riders. So, it is a commitment to the cause...  :clap:

Then, riders for the National SPCA Team (remember, this is separate from those riders participating in aid of the NSPCA in individual events like 947), will be required to commit to the following:

  • Ride in at least 4 big cycling events in aid of the NSPCA and in #teamNSPCA cycling attire. These events are ones like 947, CTCT, Amashova, Mangaung, Joberg2c, Sani2c, Wine2Whales, 100Cycles, etc...
  • Promote the NSPCA and their campaigns through social media;
  • Raise at least R10k per year for the NSPCA. Fundraising will be done as described above;
  • Be willing to have their vehicle (read window) branded with the NSPCA Cycling Team branding (similar to the image in my signature), which promotes the SMS fundraising platform;
  • Be willing to appear as an ambassador of the NSPCA (events, radio, TV, magazines, etc.);
  • At all times uphold the image, reputation and vision of the NSPCA.

Cyclists who are keen on getting involved should remember that the NSPCA is a charity after all, and as such riders will be responsible for entries into events, cycling gear and attire, promotion of fundraising initiatives, etc. The NSPCA provides support in administration.


Like I mentioned, this is just a summary of the information on the National SPCA team. The initiative is still in it infancy stage, and will be shaped and grown by riders willing to get actively involved.  :w00t:  



PS: If you are riding the 947 this year, drop by the NSPCA stand at the 947 Expo. They will be happy to chat with any person willing to become involved in any way!!! :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Why make the initiative so expensive you shut out most animal lovers. I think the rule of members having to raise at least R10k per annum will cause your initiative to stay small, very exclusive and consequently ineffective. Make this R2k pa.

Like cyclists, animal lovers come in all shapes and sizes and with widely varying financial blessings. Many of us would like to participate and advertise the RSPCA, both on our clothing and car, but cannot afford the clothing cost plus the R10k.

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Why make the initiative so expensive you shut out most animal lovers. I think the rule of members having to raise at least R10k per annum will cause your initiative to stay small, very exclusive and consequently ineffective. Make this R2k pa.

Like cyclists, animal lovers come in all shapes and sizes and with widely varying financial blessings. Many of us would like to participate and advertise the RSPCA, both on our clothing and car, but cannot afford the clothing cost plus the R10k.

Agreed, but personally I prefer to support the smaller and lesser funded AC's....

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Wow! You want more than supporting the NSPCA? tough crowd

more along the lines of trying to understand how a "national cycling team" rider that has to raise R10k a year to be a part of the team gets more benefit than me as joe soap riding for the NSPCA and can raise R100 a year?


Is it just about the tag of "National Cycling team" that is costing R10k a year to join ?


PS not trying to undermine the fundraising, which as you know we support.

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Hi Guys

Thanks for your comments :clap:


I will try and answer some of the above the best I can (* disclaimer  :blush:), but will definitely chat with the guys at NSPCA on this as well... If you can, please come through to the 947 Expo to chat to the guys at their stand (I'll probably be there on Friday between 10:00 and 12:00)...


As most people who have supported the NSPCA on rides before know, the fundraising targets for a rider is more like a 'wish-list' than an outright requirement. So, if you only raise R2k (or less) per year, you will not be 'kicked off' the team  :ph34r: ... The idea behind the R10k p/a target is to 'aim for the heavens', and not to limit participation  :blush: ... Also (to be clear) the idea is not for cyclists to pay money out of their own pockets, but rather for them to try and raise funds (any amount) through their affiliation with the team... so riding for the team will (only*) take additional time and effort from cyclists...  :w00t: It will not cost anything to join other than some dedication!!! 


Also, forming a 'National Team' in addition the the existing #teamNSPCA charity bond, is to get (dare I say "dedicated-") riders more involved throughout the year... BUT anyone can join the the team... Al that is asked is that a commitment is made to at least try and meet the "requirements"... :thumbup:


I cannot comment on any "benefits" to joining the team (other than the 'feel-good factor' and being part of the cycling community  :blush: ), but I am sure that NSPCA (ans maybe some sponsors) will look into saying "THANKS" in some way or another... 


Lastly, donors are welcome to donate in any manner they want, either directly to the NSPCA or through the team... The fact that sponsorship are indicated to be made/paid directly to the NSPCA, is to state that the team will not use such funds, but that all of it goes to the NSPCA directly... That said, some sponsors may be keen on sponsoring the riders with specific goodies, which will be welcomed and dealt with as it comes... (we are trying to get some sponsorship for shirts, branding, etc... so here is hoping :w00t:)


I hope the above gave some clarity on the initiative... And since this is still in its infancy, some tweaking and changes will probably still be made - so please continue to chat with us hereon... :thumbup:

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This is a fantastic initiative, but perhaps I can make a few comments or suggestions:


1. It costs money to start a team. The team must be registered as such with CSA. The team must have a founding member list, as well as a charter. This charter must be agreed to by all members that want to join.


2. If you want to have official kit, you will have to do better than the current (unfortunately) rather poorly fitting Anatomic kit. It is great, and I wear mine with pride and will do so again at the 947, but it is not racing kit. You will have to look at FTech or another brand that can provide decent kit. You may want to approach "Animal Friendly" corporations to have their brands appear on the kit and use this as sponsorship to raise funds.


3. Fees. You can use the fees to pay for the administration, team registration, etc. Fees should not be outlandish as it will scare people away. R100-150 per month per member. You could have an option for an additional donation amount. It would make your life simpler if you have a debit order system for this. I already have a monthly contribution going for the NSPCA and my local SPCA, as I'm sure do many. It will just be a change of tact.


4. Sponsorship. This could come out of the fees as well as the additional sponsorship raised from the kit. Corporations can be approached my the club administrator.


5. I realise that this is about the plight of the NSPCA and the desperate need for funds to keep doing the awesome good that you are doing. Perhaps look at it as a long-term approach to actually build a proper cycling team environment with a social cause. To most of us this is a hobby. We already have careers and this takes a significant amount of time, never mind families, houses, etc. Honestly, the concept of being a source for getting sponsorships is a massively time consuming exercise. This is something that would best be pursued by the club administrator. If any member has suggestions or contacts this can be provided to the club administrator. Central administration and consolidation.


These are only my opinions.

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What fat cyclist said.

Just to add if you do intend starting a national team,have you gone thru the process of checking everything out with CSA.

I know they have very specific rules with fees as well as dare I say quota's etc depending on type of team you are starting.

It's hard enough just starting a club so check out all the rules and regulations before you jump the gun.

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A team only needs to be registered if it intends racing in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite).


Vets and Open seeded are not required to register a team. However, if an individual wishes to race in the Vets category (VA, VB, VC, etc.) then they need to belong to a club.


If it’s a team, like “Team Vitality”, then it’s referred to as a “club”, and the only requirement is to pay the affiliation fee in the region the club is affiliated - an submit a copy of the club constitution. The fee varies depending on the region. This would then make Team NSPCA an official “club” rather than a

“Team”. But they can still call their club “Team NSPCA”.


Open seeded members are not forced to join a club and can register directly with CSA, or choose not to.


Hope this helps, from an admin point of view.


Edit: I don’t know the requirements for a national club, eg. CycleLab that has clubs in multiple provinces.


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