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Deutsche Bank Mauritius Cycle Tour 100km


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I didn't do this exact race but I did the 2 day tour. I have got the organisers email address, If you need it just pm me.

Not sure where this one starts and finishes but we started at some hotel on the east coast. Day 1 finished at the same spot and day 2 at the top of a freaking volcano. It was a mother of a climb. It's also seriously humid so I drank a lot more than I normally do. 1st day I ran out and dehydrated a bit. 2nd day took extra. Don't under estimate the locals, they can ride!!!!

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they must do some hectic road closures for this there are only about 100km (if you do the loop)of paved road on the whole island :whistling:


I am doing the "round the island" loop on Saturday, training for the Munga.  215 km if you use tarred roads. Lovely ride, but can get windy along the east coast. 

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We go clockwise starting from Tamarin to take advantage of the eastern winds along the south coast.  For Munga training I will probably be better of going into the wind!

Tamarin, should have guessed-plenty saffas living there.

What route do you take round blue bay/ airport? Do you ride through the centre of port louis or side roads? I don't know the roads too well and next time I am there want to ride more. I know the main roads fairly well. I am sure you can add a lot of climbing if you do the side roads.

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