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[Event] Race To The Sun


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Im stirring trouble ;)


HB Kruger rode a dual sus, and his strategy was to stay with the lead bunch and attack on the rougher sections.

(Random data vs small sample size? - I suppose we'll have to wait and see what the contenders choose the next time.)

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Ouch that hurt! Came in under prepared and corrugated section after WP2 killed me on the Cotic, then came the wind and finally the single track climb next to the resort. Not sure there is an advantage riding a gravel/CX bike.

Next year I’ll ride it on my gravel bike to see if i agree with you, but i must admit, you looked broken there at the end, but then again you rode back the next day, so i don’t know what to believe ????

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I feel like I missed out on a great day of riding! Took my new gravel bike out and punctured (side wall cut) as we turned off the road out of harties onto the first gravel section. Punctured and cut the side wall! Early pick up for my wife! I had a laugh when the next group of team riders came and the front guys on their mtb almost seemed to count me as the first gravel bike out... bad luck on my part but I guess that’s the way it sometimes goes. Will be back next year on my gravel bike but maybe on slightly more rugged tyres with stronger side walls!

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I wasn't too bothered with which would be faster or better but rather an opportunity to ride my MonsterCross and do something new/different


As an aside my mate Mo, a local cyclist from the south, and I have been 'racing' each other for many years, the source of a lot of good natured ribbing. We normally finish within a few minutes of each other at most events bar any technical or heath issues, I'd say I am a little ahead in 'victories' over that time (he would naturally disagree [emoji6])


He finished just over half an hour behind me (we were still together at about 35k's), not scientific by any means as we all know many factors could influence what happens on the day. Having said that be sure that I will be claiming the gravel over MTB victory at our next social gathering! [emoji41]


I'm not a big fan of races that start and end at different places purely due to the logistics required, I do try every so often to make a plan as I did this time.


Frosty my only comment would be that a 'proper' gravel race should not include thick sand or corrugations! And no I'm not saying they should be on tar/paving ....


Just some Sunday evening rambling I guess.


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