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Need advice on Bike Rack


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Lets take bets on what the comment will be.. 


Most will say rather go for a reputable brand like Thule, because goedkoop koop is duur koop....


But would think it is much more valuable for someone that bought one of the ones you looking at and their experience.  Things I would assume might cause problems include the straps, parts, warranty, etc.

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Have a look at this tread: 




I bought one of the them through Takealot, after reading the thread and I am happy with it. 

The 3 bake carrier is rather hefty and if you live in a flat, just keep in mind it takes up more space that you would think. The way it lock onto the tow-bar is a bit rudimentary but it feels solid and cant see that it would come loose. 


The way the clamp bar is positioned are different to the other brands. It might be more secure but I personally did not like it in the beginning.. I hope I can explain the deference so that it is understandable, as I did not notice it on the pictures. When racking the bikes, (closest to the car first) you have a space for 1 bike, then you get the Clamp bar, and then 2 more Spaces for bikes. The Thule has the clamp bar closest to the car, and then the 3 spaces for the bikes.


Minor difference it think.


Overall I think it was a good buy. If you think you are going to get Thule quality at half the price, you are going to be disappointed, but if you look at it from a perspective of 3 space bike rack, that is well made, solid, but a little ruff around the edges, it a bargain.


Buy it

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