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Upgrading to 50t with Shimano XT


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Hi Mufasa..did you ever do the upgrade?


Sounds like you have the same setup as I had. 1x11 XT 11-46T and a 30T on the front.(Came standard on my Scott Spark RC 900 Pro)

Nice to have that 46T granny for climbing, but I had a problem spinning out at around 35kmh.


I replaced it with the 11-50T Sunrace cassette, a new chain, and a 34T XT ring on the front.


That took my gear ratios from 0.65-2.73 to 0.68-3.09.


So I sacrificed a little bit of the granny gear(you barely notice it) and gained a lot of top speed on the other side! I rarely spin out now.


I agree with the other guys, the shifting is not perfect, just a bit slower than the standard XT setup, but not a problem..It's been a month and I'm already used to it. I didn't change derailleurs or cages or any of that. 



Nope i stayed with my 1x11 untill about 3 months ago. Went the eagle route (GX Shifter and deraileur), but with the Sunrace cassette, 34t in the front and Im as happy as can be.


This is now the second time I've gone the Sunrace cassette way and must admit I'm really happy with them...

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I also have the combination you are referring to. 


1x11 XT M8000 medium cage derailleur and shifters plus a sunrace 11-50t cassette with a 36t oval upfront. 


Works well, no complaints.  If you backpedal on the 50t while the bike is in the stand it jumps, but I think this is also partly due to the oval. 


So in terms of upgrade, you would just need a new cassette. 

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I also have that setup 1x11 XT rd with sunrace 11-50.

Ratios are nice and it clears just fine, I just find it skips the odd gear every now and then.


For those saying to go Eagle that also means changing freehub body if at all possible or NX cassette.


Has anyone tried that new Sunrace shifter? How does it compare to XT?

Also OneUp used to have the Shark to modify the RD top pulley and arm. Anyone knows where to source it and the cost?

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