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Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - the long winding road it has become


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18 hours ago, ChrisF said:

Cois hoe gaan dit ?


Dink aan julle 👍

Thanks for asking ChrisF

eating is huge problem (rather drinking) at the moment. Keeping things down is a huge challenge. Last night I had some Jelly and came out about an hour later with the cup of Rooibos tea. This morning drank half a cup of tea for my meds, and it took the RTS (Return to Sender) path as well with all my pills including my anti nausea medication.

the pain sticker works well, just have the same reaction to it as with morphine. We consulted with a dietician yesterday to find 2hat will work for me. I am on a liquid diet with no lactose, gluten or acid forming foods. The scary part of all this is the weight loss. 

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I have run out of words that could bring comfort. Now I just sit and silently cry with you. You are going through hell. Yet you share your story with people you've never met in the hopes that someone could benefit. You are a giant among men. You carry your cross well, and I am humbled by your fighting spirit. You epitomise strength of character and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and I am the first to admit I have gotten myself into a fit of rage for something that pales in comparison and I am learning tons from you and how you face difficulty.

But you have a Hope that will not let you down. He knows. He is there with you. HE has carried this pain Himself.

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Went to see the oncologist last week. Bloodwork seems normal for what is taking over my body. 
i could not start chemo due to the weight loss I experienced. The oncologist recommended that we might have to wait a week to see how my body reacts to the liquid diet.

The biggest problem is that I vomit out 90% of the foods I take in. Last night was the worst. I did not eat anything yesterday only took in liquids (decade coffee, and Rooibos tea and some water) just before bedtime I ran for the bathroom. Everything came out.

Drank a bit of water and headed back to bed (we fall under the part of Pretoria with no electricity since Saturday night) attempting to fall asleep. Woke up at 01h00 and ran for the bathroom again. Had to run back to get a flashlight, and vomited out some water.

Went back to bed and was woken at 03h30 and had to do the run, run back, get a flashlight and vomit out the last bit of liquid my body could expel. Was awake till 04h30 when Reinet woke up to start the shower in cold water to get ready for work. 

At work today just after 13h00 I had to dash to the bathroom (at this stage I am doing Tech, reception and client liaison due to people having Covid exposures) again, making it just in time.

Dinner was Sago in drinking form that Reinet prepared on Saturday. So I really hope it stays in.

Weight this morning was 70,2 kg’s

I have to see the oncologist on Thursday for assessment and to see if I should start or rather can start treatment. That and the booking for my Covid vaccination on Friday morning is two goals for this week for me.



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Everytime I read your updates I'm heartbroken. Your never give up attitude certainly puts other ailments into perspective.

Cois you are always in our minds. Sterkte.


Incidentally my elderly neighbour has also been going through chemo and radiation and what not over the last few years. 2 days ago I learnt that he had decided to stop with chemo and let nature takes its course. This was apparently in January already, but since stopping chemo he has put some weight back on, is not retaining water, can keep meals down and is feeling better over all. Obviously the disease is silently doing its thing inside him, but he feels that he would rather live fewer days comfortably than more days but being sick and weak.

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We postponed the chemo session until later this week. I went for my Covid Vaccine on Friday, and the chemo would kill the effects of the vaccine.

The past weekend I could not keep any food down. So I am very weak, and it is very difficult at the moment to walk.

I was without my pain meds the past weekend, and that was the worst idea ever. So last night I had the pain patch on again. I could not get my morphine prescription filled at Dischem Menlyn as the do not have morphine powder to mix my morphine (have to back on morphine as that is the only medication that will work and not cause anymore damage, even though I am allergic to morphine)

The worst thing at this stage is knowing that I am going to be sick if I drink something. Even eating something just can’t stay in.  And weight loss is my biggest enemy right now!



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