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Hi guys

I'm new to this forum, have a few bikes but picked up my first vintage bike today (I did have a Hansom road bike in the early 90s when I was still at school!). So today's purchase is a Faggin (Palermo I think... the decal is a little worn). I'd like to find out what year it was produced in and perhaps what components it might have come with. It is sporting a mish-mash of Shimano 105 cranks, brakes and brifters but has the down-tube shifters (Shimano). It has a set of Rigido DP18 rims which look interesting and sella setapost and stem. I'll try to post a pic

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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Interesting, got a fairly prompt response from the factory informing me that is a 1996 model, made from Vanadium steel produced by a company called Oria (as opposed to Reynolds etc). So not as old as I thought... a practical classic.


My research says that Miguel Indurain was the last steel frame riding Tour de France winner in 1994. Interestingly, Pantani won on an aluminium Bianchi in 1996, but after that it was all carbon.


So the 8sp Shimano 105 Groupset is probably correct. The down tube shifters look to have been fitted when the brifters packed up. Anyone got a working set of 8sp 105 brifters going begging?!


Fork could do with a rechrome, but the metallic aubergine paint job with chrome chain stays is pretty good.


Seatpost seems siezed... any ideas?


All in all, very chuffed with my R699 Cash Converters buy!

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remove the seatpin and use penetrating oil on the seatpost - leave the saddle on for some leverage


get the headset out and the BB and check the inside for rust etc and service the headset and BB before you rebuild


rub the surface of the fork with a ball of tin foil which helps to retore the shine a bit


if you not comfortable with the work  the frame is worth paying a good LBS to do it for you


faggins are usually custom ordered so i would think you could put anything on and it would be "correct"

and you could also go "retro modern" and put a modern group on and just keep the classic frame elements and throw some carbon wheels on


699 - good deal :thumbup:

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I went to the CC today to get this and it was already gone, serves me right for not going yesterday when it became available...


I also thought it was a lot older. 

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I would leave the shifters on the down tube gives it that retro look. Just fit normal break levers.

I would strip it clean, grease / service everything.

Get a smooth rubbing compound works great for cleaning/refurbishing chrome and paint work. Give it a good polish / buff. New brakes levers, cables, tyres and bar tape.

Should look pretty awesome after that.

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O and benzene to make the wheels look like new, can't see the condition so lekker but give it a try.

I have been astounded at what a good clean can do. Plus it's much cheaper than just replacing????????????

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Thanks guys, yup... I do quite like the downtube shifters! Think I will get some simple brake levers to tidy things up ????.


Thanks again for the advice!

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Cleaned her up a bit. Beautiful bike under it all! The original sparkly metallic Aubergine is very cool too.


Fork could do with a re-chrome as the chrome is peeling in places but for now we’ll call it ‘patina’.


Serviced the rear hub that was a bit wobbly, pumped up the tyres... happy days. Downtube shifters will stay. I want to see if I can fit them to the cable stop bosses. Brooks saddle migrated over from the gravel grinder. Shifterless brakes are on order. New 25mm tyres will finish her off nicely. Seatpost is still stuck, but I’m easing penetrating oil in there everyday and riding her without a clamp bolt so hopefully the post will pop at some point.






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