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21 hours ago, Alouette3 said:

Who does Knipex tools locally? I've seen RS-online which seems decent and know of one or two niche stores.

Rs online has been the best I've found so far 

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On 7/21/2021 at 12:19 AM, Alouette3 said:

Who does Knipex tools locally? I've seen RS-online which seems decent and know of one or two niche stores.

You can also try Digi key , but I haven't ordered from them yet 

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23 hours ago, Steady Spin said:

I have a couple of wood projects coming up at the new house. Table tops, cupboard doors etc. 

All items that I would prefer not to cut on my shitty table saw. 

Recently started looking at track saws. Metabo makes a kit for around R5000 which includes a 160cm track. Bit short for 2.4m boards so another 160cm would be needed at R1400 and then another R1200 for the connecting hardware. 

Is there a solution out there that can cut straight lines 2m+ without spending R7500?

My 2c is plan carefully and you  can do it for a lot cheaper. But the reality is, if you see your workshop as an investment buy the tool. If you save 20k by doing your own kitchen, 7k on a tool to make it happen is an investment.

I built our entire kitchen last year just after hard lockdown. Cupboard carcasses, shelves, wood window sills etc. I did it all with an entry level table saw and the cuts were all within 3-4mm over the length. We did build a good in feeding and outflow table set up with scrap wood which makes a massive difference. With building cupboards there are probable only 5 length cuts you will make. Height, depth for the side panels, same depth and then standard width for shelves and bases etc. So I made a temporary fence that was super strong and screwed down to the extended table platform. Also made like a lot easier. Then when you cut, cut all to depth, then to height and so on. I used plywood and slotted everything, which may have been overkill, but those cupboards were super straight and super strong.

There are however other ways that I can highly recommend.

1 Option for chipboard type cupboards which I have used successfully- Draw out all your cuts needed from the board. Buy the board at builders and get them to do the cuts for you. I needed a quick extra full height double door cupboard. Honestly it was so easy, buy the board, they do all the cuts. Get home and assemble with brackets/hinges. Carcass was done in honestly 2 hours including the drive to builders. I know leroy, chamberlains, etc also do cutting so there are option. Usually it is some silly little fee per cut.


The 2nd option I can advise is to use somewhere like Made in Workshop here in Randburg.https://www.madeinworkshop.co.za/  Basically you pay for machine time in their workshop, they have a large format panel saw and a whole bunch of other stuff. So get the wood and the plan ready, book a day and go do all your big cuts. Then you just need to assemble it at home. They have a full workshop available, wood, metal 3d print etc. Very useful place.


Then what we found most effective and cost efficient is to use for doors is a company called SA Wrap. https://sawrap.co.za/

You go online, choose a door style, colour and texture. Specify each door and drawer front by size. Specify how many hinge holes into their form. It gives you an automated quote. I think our kitchen doors were ready 4 days after accepting quote. Really professionally done, it looks great when put on the carcasses and it is actually really cheap if you have built your carcasses. 

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