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Solutions for loadshedding

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On 6/11/2021 at 12:16 PM, Vetplant said:

Luckily, have not experienced this yet during working hours on my Fibre Line(Openserve/Afrihost) . But if they ramp up to stage 6 orders 8, we might start to struggle. 

Worst loadshedding to date has been two blocks of 2 hours in a day and the network stayed up. Maybe we just lucked out on proper backup at our exchange. 

Openserve is really good with backup power across their last mile nodes and backhaul's.

We get loadshed in 3 hour blocks in East London, it often happens where they turn the power on again and it trips due to load.

In those instances it can be anything up to 7 hours of no elec and Openserve fibre always stays up.

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First Sonoff failure this morning. 
I did a firmware update on the soniff for the geyser, probably Friday. Yesterday I felt the geyser water was extra hot but thought nothing of it. 
This morning lying in bed we hear the sound of water, look outside the bathroom window and water is gushing from the geyser pipes. 

jump on eWeLink to turn power off to the geyser and that’s when I notice the water is at 86 deg. Turns out it lost its parameters with the firmware update. 


thankfully the pressure relief valves on the geyser did their job, by the time I got  into the roof to investigate the pressure had sorted itself out and everything was working again. 

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