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Assistance required for fellow cyclist.


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Hi All.


I came across this on FB. I am sure many cyclists in CT would recognize Dennis on his bike simply due to his extremely weird setup he used to have which looked like he was going to fall off the back of his saddle.


Anyway, I have been reading through the FB posts and it really is sad what has happened to him(knocked over by a taxi in Durban whilst cycling, Hit and run).


Please if you can find ot in your hearts to help, All Info is on the FB profile with the lady who is trying to arrange everything.


The link to his FB profile is below.





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Feedback from Gwynneth Glass, if there is someone closer who might be able to assist with the material items perhaps.  She can be reached on gwynn.glass.687@gmail.com.  I see Dennis's cell number is in the previous screen shots as well.


 He (Dennis Cary) arrived yesterday morning on the bus from Natal and is staying with us here in Somerset West.  It is incredible that he is still alive after such a dreadful fall off his bike after being hit by a taxi, and left for dead - taxi-driver never bothered to come and offer any help.  
He needs to fix his bike, and replace his clothes which were torn and broken in the accident.  He does not have proper shoes to wear.
Dennis is staying with us in our home, and he is keen to replace things which he lost, due to this accident. e.g. his shoes, his helmet is cracked and he needs to replace his water-bottle etc.  His cell-phone has also packed up, but fortunately I had one I could give him, as I upgraded to a new one last year.  He is thrilled with this, as he needs to keep in touch with things via his cell-phone.  Apart from that, it is food and the mere essentials of living that he needs at the moment.  
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