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Petition: Bring Back the Classifieds Comments

Kalahari Vegmot

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43 minutes ago, Hairy on a Davidson said:

Yip, super boost ............. good thing you did not post that incorrectly or else we would ripped your add apart :P

Yeah that would have been a cataaaaaaaa-strophe !!But sweet okay sweet we sorted it out !!!

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6 minutes ago, BaGearA said:

Yeah he's gona be sitting long with that thing if he's not willing to sell for like 3k

I was interested in that, until I saw the steerer length. Second time they are posting it. 2 adds different profiles.

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11 minutes ago, Trashy said:

I was coming here to post the same thing! 

Old bike with 10 speed components, being sold for a massive amount. What's more worrying is that it is a dealer listing it...

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56 minutes ago, Furbz said:


pretty sure this belongs here.

this is a 5mm setback not a 25mm setback.

and good condition? its scratched and has bizarre road rash like damage to the seatpost mounting on one side - those are over R1k to replace.

How is this guy not classified as a dealer?!

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