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Can I get a WOOHOOO for Sprocket & Jack

DR ◣◢

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Over the past month or so we started looking for a good LBS that stocks cool stuff and has great service. 

Let's just say there is a shop in Dunkeld that told us to go to Mr Price when we enquired about baggie shorts and they didn't know where anything in their shop was. 


Popped in at S+J and was helped with every single thing we needed and answered all the questions we had. Offered to order anything that they didn't have or offered expert advice on alternatives. 


The shop is well stocked, excellent staff, and very well priced. 


I've known Grant for years (back when a Singular Swift was super hot) and in the time that the shop started I wasn't riding much. Now that I'm back on two wheels I can only wish them the very best for the future. Highly recommended.

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Really cool shop. Small and intimate but the guys go the extra mile. 


Good to know, as a certain shop in the next-door suburb.. cough.. Dunkeld... cough ..has also let me down recently 

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Recently had my bike serviced with the guys. Super friendly. Super patient. Super knowledgeable. Shop is well stocked. 


One of the gents even offered to lend me his bike so I could feel the difference in fork travel and rim size for a noob like me. 


Highly recommended. 

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