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Specialized Epic Suspension Setup

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Worth trying a Shockwiz... if you can find someone willing to rent it out.

If I was based in the end of the world, I'd gladly lend you mine

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2 hours ago, Grease_Monkey said:

Should be fine. The previous gen Epic evo was just an epic with a 20mm longer fork. 

Absolutely - previous generation Epic Evo's all had Fox 120's SC 

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4 hours ago, thebob said:

Wonder what warranty implications of the 20mm extra travel on the Epic is? Maybe get that checked out if your bike is new. I know manufacturers give you a window to add a bit of travel. The downside of the extra travel is a higher BB (which could make the handling vague) and a slacker seat tube angle. That has a big effect on climbing. I added 10mm to the front of a Scott Spark (120mm to 130mm) and I could feel it was not as happy going uphill as it was with less travel. So maybe 110mm would be a good compromise

If you're Scott came with Fox suspension most likely it was already more travel. Buddy of mine has the new 930 supposed to have 130mm up front and I had a 940 think 2019 and both have/had 140mm travel.(stantions measured more but fox never uses all of it). 

Best thing I did was ad 20mm to my Scale (after the dropper) . Climbing is faster on technical trails, never feels like lifting and world of fun when you point it down. Longer travel = being able running if softer, more plush, comfort, grip and confidence. 

If you are a 50kg racing snake adding travel might not be for you, but if you ride for fun adding a little travel = to adding lots of fun. 


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