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Announcement: Changes to non-cycling discussion on Bike Hub

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1 hour ago, Patchelicious said:

Challenge accepted!

look at his screenshot above ...he has 40 notifications next to the little triangle thingie.....I am guessing those are 40 actions needing moderation of some sort.....

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Top Posters In This Topic

3 hours ago, ouzo said:

@Matt @Nick

Clicking on a topic no longer takes me to the last unread post like it did before you culled the off topic stuff




Never mind, the problem appears to have been a setting change for the content behavior, I'd just changed it back to latest comment.

I experienced the same problem in the Where has your bike taken you thread.
Shows me last unread was 11 May when it’s the thread I visit almost daily.

Must be ‘Dale’s way of getting my to view all his pics again for the last month and a bit.


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