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What Size MTB do you ride


What size MTB frame  

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  1. 1. What size MTB frame do you ride

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2 hours ago, GrahamS2 said:

Odd, I'm 1.9m and ride a L and fit just fine on it. Intense Primer SL

All about proportions. I am 1.78 and have an exceptionally long torso and short legs, I am actually considering an XL for my next bike. The newer geo with super low seat tubes will actually allow me to get the saddle low enough while having the ETT and reach I want. 

Either way, to my earlier point, I have tried to borrow my L bikes to mates that are just under 1.9m tall and they could not get the saddle up high enough. Maybe you fit on a L, but I think like me you are an exception rather than the rule. 

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we are a family of 6

youngest son rides an extra large

im on a large

wife eldest son and daughter in law are on mediums

other daughter in law is on a small

so based on that for 6 bikes

1 by xl

1 by large

3 by medium

1 by small

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Sizing changes every year. Its pretty worthless knowing what size bikes people here ride. many will be on older frames that are smaller or riding the wrong size. You need to be able to get the most out of the sizes you have so opting for the bigger end of the spectrum is a good idea. For instance, my wife who is 1.75m can ride my XL frame, whereas I would battle to ride her smallish medium frame. 

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On 7/19/2021 at 3:52 PM, MORNE said:

17.8” L is borderline medium in other frames. If i look at these numbers fir the primer sl and you promise you aren't lying to yourself about fit😅..you must either have very short legs for a 1.9m, or you have 200mm+ dropper that allows you to run a your saddle at 300mm ish lol. The reach numbers are fine  and closer to XL though. This again tells me you have shorter legs relative to your armspan☺️. That XL wouldn't even fit me lol.


I actually have pretty long legs and long arms. My last bike (Pyga) was an XL and that fitted me fine, but from chatting with a few Primer owners in the US I decided that I was a borderline L/XL. I way prefer a more compact fit for the type of riding I do, but the L fits me perfectly.

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On 7/6/2021 at 8:30 AM, copperhead said:

That is quite an investment. Depending on what kind of bikes they get. There are 2 bike shops there if memory serves? Why not go and speak to them and make a deal. Get a 20% discount on hiring and pocket that. Maintenance and all will be expensive. If hiring bikes is not your market don't do it. Just a thought.

^^^This is very sound advise in my view

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