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Rant: Bad Deals

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15 minutes ago, Zarras said:

Maybe Matt can put a option in to the adds that you can mark It as a Strict first come first serve.


But that would be a chosen by the seller and put under the Search filters. So you can decide what people you wish to deal with.

And maybe to commit to the 'term' you should pay 200 bucks into the account and once a buyer clears that you committed to your 'first come first serve' conduct the hub can release the funds. 


but yes unfortunately a open market can't be forced to do these things because that would just result in collateral damage to the hub's business.



But, saying that also regarding the legality and operation and terms of use can't be linked to BikeHub itself it will be a term drawn up between the buyer and seller and if breached that would have to be done strictly so, between buyer and seller. 


How would that be manageable, even tho the term of trade is set on BikeHub, they can't be pulled into it.


How would it go around, I am definitely not a lawyer, would someone explain how that would go please.


How the term of trade is written by BikeHub.

And once the terms are breached, each would just be sent a automated or personalised letter explaining the terms breached with the collateral and following potential steps and then the buyer or seller would be told "you are entitled to these rights, strictly at your own cost and time" ?


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