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Rock Shox noise


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3 hours ago, RocknRolla said:

It was just a post in jest, mainly from the people speaking to mechanics about the weird noise their car makes, at which point when the mechanic inspects the car or drives with the person, the noose is of course not there.


I’ll try and keep my attempts at humour to the few NCR topics that still float around here…

and here I was hoping you would grace us with a Squish squish slurp gurgle

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On 8/1/2021 at 8:58 AM, mattrat said:

I have this interesting sound that's developed on my Specialized Epic 2020.

To my understanding the shock is new. 

Complete Cyclists have said I should bring it in and they'll fix it but I'm quite curious if anyone know what the issue could actually be here?

Sounds normal to me 

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Blown damper. Either service or warranty, depending on how old it is and service history.


Some of these shocks had an issue with the main damper shaft seal sucking in air due to flex, if it's one of the affected ones they'll replace mahala.

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20 hours ago, MORNE said:

no these can actually puncture lol


edit: OT sorry 


I've punctured a pair of regular AirMax and VaporMax.



On topic:  send it for a service, a seal or shim is ******.  Oil also degrades over time.



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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

Offline for a few weeks and come back to thread about shoes having punctures. 😂

in other news, thanks everyone, complete cyclists took it in and serviced it.  Good as new. 

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