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Specialized vs Sidi Shoes


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I have 25 000 km on my Sidi Wire carbon. Other than scuff marks, they still going strong. 

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1 hour ago, Jewbacca said:

I'm always amazed at how non affiliated users of a brand swear by their brand so fiercely. It's not a dig, just a weird human trait.

My advice would be this;

Cycling shoes these days are ALL pretty good at a certain price point. You will seldom buy a lemon if you have a decent budget, do some homework and get the shoe (of any brand) that fits you the best. 

IMHO don't get laces. I have a pair of Giro Empire Lace ups and they are amazing shoes BUT if you get the lacing wrong in the morning it's a pain. With Boa dials it's a quick 'click click' and boom. Job done.

Brands are just brands. Don't look at them as being 'better' than the other. On a similar price point line, most big brands will run congruently. 

As someone who used to get his running shoes for free, I used to tell people 'These shoes are really rad'.... I stopped getting my shoes for free because they wanted me to start being active on Socials so I got a bunch of different brand shoes for the 1st time in years.... OMG!!! Egg on my face there, the cool aid I had been drinking and selling was really not the best cool aid. I now have 3 pairs of trail shoes that whip the pants off the brand I used to wear and they retail at 65% of the cost. 

Sometimes the brand you have isn't even the best brand for you, let alone someone you don't even know. 

Choose a budget, pick a few pairs from the interweb, go try them on and then get the pair that fits the best and makes you want to wear them the most. 


Great post!

Get the shoes that fit you the best. Not just fit but if you try them on an indoor bike in shop and check which last shape feels great under your pedalling style.

I've tried lot of different brands and as a result I know my 3 go to brands are Lake, Shimano and Bont. For these work in terms of fit and allow me to generate power to the pedals in comfort and without injury. I mention the without injury because there is a popular brand of shoe that has a built in Varus Wedge that does not agree with everyone's knees. My pals partner suffered for over a year with knee issues till they identified the shoes as the problem. Cycling shoes are not like casual shoes. When you pedal in your cycling shoes you should not feel any pressure anywhere. After 2 hrs you should not feel any discomfort in your hips or knee. 

Find the brands and models in their range that work for YOU and stick with those

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On 8/2/2021 at 10:22 AM, DieselnDust said:


If you were wearing a standard fit S-Works shoe the you probably have a narrow foot which will fit well in a Sidi shoe.

However, you also don't know what you don't know so maybe start with measuring the length and width of your foot by standing  on a piece of A4 paper and have someone trace your foot. Butt your heel up against the wall with the edge of the paper also against the wall and then stand on it. Trrace the outline of your foot with a narrow pencil or pen to ensure its as close as possible to your foot.

Then measure the length from the heel to the longest toe (often the middle toe)

Then the maximum width is often across the outside bone of the little toe and the big bone of the big toe.. Then you can use the information to determine if your foot is narrow, standard or wide or even extra wide.


If you end up in the narrow range then Specialised, Sidi, Giro, Fizik are good options.

lake offer shoes in widths to cater all widths of foot.

PS: Do not buy into "Sidi wears in" That bad advice. Leather shoes stretch, plastic does not and Sidi is plastic. 

Thank you for the advise.

In my experience buy shoes have always been difficult since my feet is very narrow. 

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On 8/1/2021 at 7:22 PM, snapshot said:

I have always cycled with Specialized S-Works but there time is coming to an end so know I was wondering must I change or not?


In my experience buy shoes have always been difficult since my feet is very narrow.

Go with the Fizik.

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