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How important are product pictures when purchasing products?


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8 hours ago, Darko said:

Hey, not at all. I meant in terms of online stores where you'd buy the item new. So Cyclelab, EasyBike, EvoBikes etc. Most of them just give you the generic marketing image and description and you'd assume you were getting that exact item. 

I was just wondering since the image and description is generic, is it really important? Or does it help to at least "see" what you're buying. 

Generic pic, vague wording ....



Was under the impression I was buying a Shimano brake bleeding kit ..... nope, generic kit !!


Okay, in this case it turned out for the better.



When buying NEW I look for the part code, so as to cross check it.  Mostly just stock photos, with all the disclaimers.

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I shop the other way around usually. I look for what i want on overseas stores/forums/manufacturers and then try and find a local distributor if I don't already know who has it. But im usually very particular. It has worked well for me in the past. Ive been surprised on more than one occasion in terms of being able to find a local agent.

And if i cant find it locally i just get it myself. There is not really a bike part shortage at the moment if you are willing to build your bike across 4 or 5 countries hahaha

Edit: east europe for some reason are not building alot of bikes at the moment…or they had crazy stock levels to begin with. 


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If there is a picture of something advertised on an online store, and the description and picture do not match, I will not purchase.

I prefer to see a photo (generic is fine) so I at least know the e-shop at least pays attention to what they put on the web, and hopefully the same will go into the box.


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18 hours ago, Vetplant said:

Engineering drawings with dimensions are not just guideline instructions to the manufacturer. They are part and parcel of the purchase agreement.

If the part does not conform to the drawing, it can be rejected by the buyer, or accepted under a concession.

If you deliver something to me that is not the same as the advertised picture, then I am not accepting delivery of it.

make mental note!!!!!! do not sell to Vetplant  

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18 hours ago, DieselnDust said:

Nope.... heard to many horror stories

I have a pair of arm warmers from Wish. They're about 7.5 cm too short, and about the diameter of a broomstick. Like elbow warmers for someone on a starvation diet.

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19 hours ago, Vetplant said:

I have asked for a refund from them, successfully so... 

My wife used to get tons of free stuff from Wish, she just refunded anything that didnt arrive and used the credit to buy something else.

Months later the original item would arrive and Wish would just tell her to keep it.

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