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what is the best helmet to get?


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Something with:

MIPS(this is a must, no questions asked)

a crash replacement policy

and also just as important as MIPS - fits your head correctly


after that the worlds your oyster.

i helped a gent who came off in the cradle. was a silly light crash that ended up with him being dizzy and needing a lift to the hospital.

on inspecting his helmet it had been crashed multiple times before and was years old. i'd put good money that he would have been ok if he had just had a undamaged helmet.

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1 hour ago, TNT1 said:

Well, the Internet is hopeless.


Whereas the industry says:





I know for motorcycle helmets the guideline is that you replace them either up to 7 years from manufacturing date, or 5 years after first use - as the sweat and UV makes the decomposition faster.

The foam is what absorbs the impact and then these get hard you aren't protected anymore. I'd rather get a cheaper helmet that I can afford to replace every 5 years than get a stupidly expensive one that I can only afford to replace every 8 or whatever.

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I normally destroy my helmets well within 5 years 🙂 Then I shop online after reading reviews and seek the best price online. Luckily I have family who travel from the UK ( or used to) to bring the stuff over. Locally the new Leatt trail helmet looks good with a very thick foam layer and their own brand of rotational force reduction built in . Around R3200 though...

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I've suffered some nasty concussion from a fall and can attest to the uphill battle to recover from a brain injury. 5 years downstream and I still have moments of foggy confusion now and then.

The one thing I take away from that injury is that head protection is paramount, and you should not skimp on a helmet. I'd rather look like a doosh wearing some ill matching kit than wear the best bibs, jerseys and shoes and have a el-cheapo helmet on my head. I am willing to fork out good money on a helmet every time. 

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4 hours ago, DieselnDust said:

like shoes and bibs, the best is the one that fits properly.

The shell size must be as close as possible to your head size. If you have a 54cm head don't buy a Large because its on special and the dial adjuster can make the adjustable cradle fit your head. The shell is the part that saves your noggin and if you head slams into that part at high speed its going to hurt.

When I bought my current helmet I tested many different brands .... When I tried on the Scott the fit was just perfect !  Bonus that it is a mipps model.  


Clearly not all heads are shaped the same ....



I have only had one bad fall with it ... back at home I took time to examine the helmet for any signs of contact with the ground.  NO dust on the helmet, not a single mark or scratch on the white plastic.  If there was any sign of contact I would have replaced it.

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Price is not always an indicator of quality but there is some truth in the saying 'if you have cheap head, get a cheap helmet'.

I look for a number of things, including:

  • fit and comfort
  • airflow
  • in a MTB helmet, protection down behind ear, lower part of the back of the head etc.
  • a really tough outer shell (not one of those that's like an eggshell)
  • MIPS if possible (still not sure if its overrated).

So far I've had Fox, Bell, Bontrager. All of them good. I've regrettably crash tested two helmets to way beyond redemption. The tough outer shell matters. 


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