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Brake levers


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34 minutes ago, StevieG said:

Always had my right brake controlling the rear, and can't understand why a country would make this a law. Surely it's personal preference. I imagine if it had to be swapped around, it would be like driving an automatic car for the first time, and then jamming on the brake thinking it's the clutch, and putting yourself through the front window....


6 minutes ago, BaGearA said:

Ive driven manual cars for almost 8 years now and have never stepped on the brake with the left foot when driving automatics 😂



But this was really funny to imagine thanks 😂😂😂

all of you have before though....presumably you've all had a go in some go-karts lol. Left foot braking is common practise in race cars...even if they have a clutch pedal. 

Edit: because the longer your right foot is removed from the loud pedal..the slower you go. 👹

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4 minutes ago, Eddy Gordo said:

I ride left back, right front mainly because I prefer it this way. Being right handed allows me to be alot more sensitive in braking the front wheel with the right hand.

Makes sense, although I find my left being the weaker hand, won't accidentally grip the front brake too hard, whereas the right can modulate so as not to lock out the back brake

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14 hours ago, Trashy said:

Growing up my dad set my bike up front brake right, so that when I started riding motorbikes it would be natural.

I've been riding mountain bikes with front brake on the left for 20 years now and it still feels strange some days.

Your dad was right

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4 hours ago, MORNE said:

where is @Hairy. He's also a big proponent for the wrong UK way of doing things...ie, rear brake on the left lol. 

i agree it's preference.

Sometimes when i ride with my wife she still forgets which side is which though...so i told her once that 
EVERYTHING controlling the rear (gears and brakes) is on your right hand, and on the right hand side of the bike. That made it easy for her to remember. 

I am here but do not have to always correct you log with the wrong brake setup..... Next thing you are going to want to ride on the right hand side of the road too

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21 hours ago, FrancoisdeVille said:

In some countries its rear left (othetwise known as motorbike style) and other rear right. There are countries where this is mandatory. In the  US its law to sell a bike with left controlling the front. 

In the end its a personal preference and what you are used to, because its very difficult to "un-learn" it. I ride rear rear left my whole life and nearly killed myself on a demo ride once when I forgot this. 


So its not better or worse, just different. 

Yea I ride motorcycles so this is the way I set my bikes up ? 

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