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Request from Gym at Grosvenor Crossing, Byranston to those who take off from there (Peaceful and with Cycling Love)


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41 minutes ago, Jewbacca said:


I think the important thing is how you view those days though. I don't look back on fines and rugby boet weekends and downing beer out of dirty boots till I threw up as being fun. 

I don't look back on bachelor parties where the point was to get the wastedestest as anything more than really toxic and abusive. 

I've been shot down a million times by asking why beer is always the 'cool' thing to drink after a ride/run even when you know you still have to drive home.

Our culture and what is viewed as 'cool' is broken. The young shouldn't have to learn from the same mistakes as their parents. The cycle should be broken by us realising our misguided adventures are not entirely healthy and teach our kids how to respect life, both theirs and others. 

Waffle waffle hippie ra ra but it's true. Excess booze while in your teens/early 20's often leads to pretty serious mental issues down the line. It's a culture we should be destroying.

It's been done with cigarettes, but people just refuse to let go of booze

It's a systemic issue. Could only raise an eyebrow when ackerman while reporting an 88 percent growth in profits told government further alcohol bans would be crippling. 

Imagine your product is an addictive psychoactive substance you're allowed to market and associate with status success sporting and sexual achievement. 

Yes but economy... Yes but jobs.... Something is deeply amiss if the economy is reliant on feeding the population 207 beers each every year. 

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