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Freedom Challenge 2022


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22 minutes ago, milky4130 said:

*Off Topic* but anyone currently also Dot Watching the Tour Divide some atrocious weather conditions this year. I've also been following their Facebook Group as some riders seem to post all their updates & stories there from Mechanicals where they got a ride into town stayed over night to get to the bike shop the next day, repairs, replacements, warranties, then get driven back to where they last stopped pedaling so they can resume to why they had to withdraw, Sear And Rescue (SAR) working around the clock, etc.

Tour divide is proper. Big country racing. 

I have a few mates who have toe'd the start line. Some  more than once. 

My favourite protagonist is Alexandera Houchin. She just epitomises what these races/adventures are all about

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Judging by Alex's current position, looks like he took the route around Lehana's and is busy climbing Naudes, which is allowed.

Been watching Paul Moxley for the last couple of hours bundu bash.



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2 hours ago, TyronLab said:

How much leniency or allowed variability is there in the route? Is it like Munga where you have to be exactly on course all the time, or is there more flexibility?

Trying to just manage a frame bag and cycling GPS in the mud and rain was a mission for me, I can't imagine having to manage a paper printed map. The amount of times you stop and go "where the **** am I? This makes no sense" must be crazy.

you figure out a map fairly easily, just make sure you always know exactly where you are(also helps to have an hons degree in geographical information). Sadly it is also a massive confidence thing, for the not so natural navigators you can take a person out the race with a few small comments and the one or 2 mistakes everyone will make. It also helps riding within your means. 1 thing following a map when you are on the limit, another when you just cruising along.

I think as well, having the maps before hand to prepare and having the notes, you can ID sections to relax and sections where you need to focus. 

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